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  1. You have to set the language to Italian, otherwise it doesn't work. But the website is ridiculously slow.
  2. Lever locations: [{"id":1,"lat":48.164275,"lng":11.60529,"title":"English Garden"}, {"id":2,"lat":51.51,"lng":-0.134911,"title":"Piccadilly Circus"}, {"id":3,"lat":52.53847,"lng":13.396023,"title":"Berlin Wall"}, {"id":4,"lat":48.894215,"lng":2.393224,"title":"Zenith"}, {"id":5,"lat":48.175496,"lng":11.551842,"title":"Olympiapark"}, {"id":6,"lat":50.545415,"lng":-3.495288,"title":"The Den"}, {"id":7,"lat":50.969594,"lng":7.016576,"title":"Cologne"}, {"id":8,"lat":60.168633,"lng":24.933139,"title":"Tavastia"}, {"id":9,"lat":59.330259,"lng":18.06509,"title":"Bengans"}, {"id":10,"lat":57.699175,"lng":11.933681,"title":"Bengans"}, {"id":11,"lat":47.547424,"lng":19.050127,"title":"SZIGET Festival"}, {"id":12,"lat":-37.817779,"lng":144.967213,"title":"Flinders Street Station"}, {"id":13,"lat":42.696633,"lng":23.336169,"title":"Bulgaria"}, {"id":14,"lat":-26.279725,"lng":28.12978,"title":"Newmarket Racecourse"}, {"id":15,"lat":-33.996064,"lng":18.485891,"title":"Kenilworth Racecourse"}, {"id":16,"lat":41.389951,"lng":2.136319,"title":"Sala Bikini"}, {"id":17,"lat":41.905854,"lng":12.482625,"title":"Spanish Steps"}, {"id":18,"lat":43.647187,"lng":-79.377722,"title":"Hockey Hall Of Fame"}, {"id":19,"lat":52.231267,"lng":21.023179,"title":"Warsaw National Museum"}, {"id":20,"lat":53.42683,"lng":-1.363651,"title":"Rotherham United FC"}, {"id":21,"lat":40.720406,"lng":-73.993358,"title":"Bowery Ballroom"}, {"id":22,"lat":45.500192,"lng":-73.572563,"title":"HMV Montreal"}, {"id":23,"lat":-22.97101,"lng":-43.187343,"title":"Copacabana"}, {"id":24,"lat":34.097426,"lng":-118.329242,"title":"Amoeba"}];
  3. No, maybe moved to Veltins-Arena (Schalke 04). See http://www.der-ring.de/de/news/standortdiskussion-stellt-festival-nicht-in-frage
  4. Indeed an awesome video. Thanks for the pictures, they are nice.
  5. Just returned from Berlin. Really enjoyed last weekend. It was a great gig and thanks for the great muser meetups before and after the gig.
  6. Thanks. Yeah, we will be under the Brandenburger Tor at 17:00.
  7. I've updated this post with the latest info about the 17:00 meetup. Tomorrow morning I will be hitchhiking to Berlin so I will probably not have access to the internet before the meet. So if there are additions and / or more people attending then please copy my post and update the info.
  8. How about the Brandenburger Tor? Then we 'end' our sightseeing there.
  9. I do not use a smartphone, so that won't work. We can also have a second meeting planned at 17:00 for example.
  10. Almost every restaurant in Friedrichshain (Simon-Dach strasse, Boxhagener strasse) serves vegetarian meals. In the Boxhagener strasse they have a Vöner, a vegetarian Döner bar
  11. Maybe I just walk fast But more important, are joining us on saturday?
  12. That's old info, read this post. Also your concert ticket will not be a valid public transport ticket on saturday. And last time I walked around the Olympic stadium to the Waldbuhne it took me 15-20 minutes.
  13. No, right in front of the S-Bahn exit, less likely to have people hanging around there so we are easier to spot. I will be standing againt the whitish bridge railing. Cool, I have added you in the original post!
  14. Berlin-Pichelsdorf has two exits. If your on the S5 in the direction of Spandau you have to leave the station from the direction the train came. It would be easier, but it is not a very busy station so I do not think it will be a problem. If everybody will be here it we be allright.
  15. Berlin Musermeet Date: July 13, 2013 Time: 13:00 Location: Berlin-Pichelsdorf (http://goo.gl/maps/Nd5Jy) To get to S-Bahn station Berlin-Pichelsdorf you need to get onto the S5 in the direction of Spandau (map). Leave the station through the east exit. We will stake out the venue first and then go to the city center for sightseeing and some drinks with fellow musers At 17:00 we will be under the Brandenburger Tor to pickup some fellow musers who can't make it before 17:00. RSVP list: ------------------------- Lazlo +1 charming queen MaxManSmart scifigeekgirl andiihsandi ------------------------- Spread the word!
  16. Saturday Muser Meetup RSVP list
  17. We can meet at 13:00 on saturday. Then we can stake out the venue and afterwards go to somewhere nice in Berlin for drinks, I know some good spots, but maybe local musers have better ideas EDIT: more info
  18. Nice places to visit besides the main tourist attractions like the Brandenburger Tor, Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, Judendenkmal are for example the East-side Gallery, Musikinstrumenten-Museum, Tacheles. Alexander-Platz is also a nice place to hang around, especially below the East bridge of the S-bahn, always a lot of street musicians. For cheap but good food (and cheap cocktails) I suggest the area of the Simon-Dach Strasse (for example Dachkammer or Factory Girl) and Boxhagener Strasse in Friedrichshain. On sunday before the gig it might be nice to go to a brunch in a restaurant. If you go to a brunch in Friedrichshain / Mitte it will cost you 7-10 euro for all you can eat A muser meetup would be cool: EDIT EDIT: Also a post-gig afterparty should be organised (Maybe at the Kaffee Burger, sunday is classic disco night )
  19. You don't need a creditcard. Ticketmaster accepts bank transfers.
  20. Do we get a different stage? This stage does not fit I think... [spoiler=Stage design]
  21. Hitchhiking to Berlin from the Netherlands takes at max one day and it is free (and so much more fun than train/plane).
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