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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone! Unfortunately, I didn't know Muse in 2005. But I have learnt that they organised a big treasure hunt with anagrams for the release of the album Black Holes and Revelations. This page of Microcuts.net is a very good example of the process: http://www.microcuts.net/uk/news/archives/2005/04/ When I read this, or comments from people who participated in this treasure hunt, who spoke to Matthew via AIM, I tell myself that it must have been really amazing... Fans must have had so much fun trying to find the clues and the meaning of the anagrams... I would like to discuss this here. Do you think that Muse will organise a treasure hunt like this again? Maybe for the release of their upcoming album? It would be so great! Then I would like to know if you were there in 2005 and if you followed the evolution of the treasure hunt? Could you explain how it was? If only Muse could create other anagrams like Cold Aqua Tomato (qua@aol.com) or hide messages at different places in the world (like the signed bike in Ohio)! I think that all this would be a funny different way to promote their next album, and the fans would definitely be part of it! Thank you very much, I would like to know what you guys think about it. elmex
  2. Have you ever wondered if Santa & co and Muse are working together? Yes indeed - Here, we are proud to present some juicy, proofy pieces straight from the bakery. Are you ready? "Deadstart" Observing some strange resemblance to the dvd near the roof. Undisclosed desires' bi-side: "Relight meow fire" Composition style for Maddhew's tune "It's in the water baby" "Do you see what we see?" Some anonymous papa went a little wild with his new Mast-git.. Elves at awe for 2nd law's special limited with some nice shapes & blings.. And here's the result! "Combined LP/CD-player" Some crazy kids wished HAARP for Christmas... But Santa delivers! "Oops, a wrong band!" Well, elves have a diverse taste Matt's @ the G..C..we mean.. "Kate's dna/dvd" "Tree of Life" And finally the real Santa himself, 11:11th - row 1:center seat 11! Merry Christmas everybing! Thank You, Truly, Muse ~XXX~ <3
  3. Ooops, just searched the board and found discussion on this already -- fell free to kill this thread ----- Sorry if this has been discussed ad nauseum, or if this is in the wrong place... I stayed away from the board and anything that could leak details of the new tour. Detroit was a great gig. I couldn't help but notice the reference to "Numbers Stations" in Isolated System. In this clip of I.S. at 2:05-2:14 you can clearly hear the numbers. Don't want to get too deep on this. The crypto/anagram hunt of 2005 was too much of a time suck and this could be too but think it is more of a smart reference than a treasure hunt. The number sequences read out are real, the can be heard over short wave. No one knows for sure what they are, probably public keys in some complex chain of public key encryption. Read about it here: http://archive.org/details/ird059 To hear the creepist thing ever. Listen to this: http://ia600500.us.archive.org/12/items/ird059/tcp_d1_01_the_swedish_rhapsody_irdial.mp3 It is more freaky to hear this from real, go find your old wireless and you will. ZombieEaten
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