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  1. Nope, I didn't see Paypal in the list either, unfortunately. Otherwise I'd have transfered some money to my Paypal account.
  2. I got this article in my feed on Facebook, so I thought I'd share it for everyone who hasn't read it yet. I'm very curious what kind of music they wanna use in their next album cause they've done quite a lot already. Discuss http://www.nme.com/news/muse/88687
  3. Hi there, I was lucky enough to being able to get tickets for one of the Muse concerts in The Netherlands. I've also received my code to get an album. Because the quality of physical albums is better than getting mp3's I'd like to get a physical version of it. However there's one problem. I don't have any of the payment options listed available to me. I don't wanna buy a creditcard just to get this album in physical form. Does anyone here have a suggestion (I'm Dutch and I usually use iDeal to pay for stuff online). I'd pay at delivery if I could but thats not an option either. Cheers!
  4. Sorry I'm too lazy to rearrange the album order or list songs from best to "worst". Here's my list: Absolution: Apocalypse please Time is running out Stockholm Syndrome Black Holes and Revelations: Map of the Problematique Knights of Cydonia Supermassive Black Hole Drones: Dead inside Reapers The Handler Origin of Symmetry: New Born Bliss Plug In Baby Showbiz: Sunburn Escape Cave 2nd Law: Animals Supremacy Liquid state The Resistance: MK Ultra Resistance United States of Eurasia
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