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  1. The last 3 albums have been not where near as good as the first 4, that I agree, but there's still great songs that stand out on each of those 3 albums that people would love to get. If you really don't like those songs, and you're still going to be disappointed, then maybe they've just moved past your taste, and there's not much point on seeing them live currently Old Muse is great, a ton of people would agree, and it sucks they don't play more old stuff, but most bands stop playing their first few albums the further along they go
  2. You're telling me you'd feel better if Feeling Good was played instead of any of the songs on that list, just so that something from Origin gets played? That's nuts. A collection of amazing songs is still a collection of amazing songs, regardless of album. OoS is my fav album, tied with Absolution, but I could care less if I didn't hear any songs from either album if i was getting setlists like that
  3. Unless the game is a blow-out, I'd say concerts have more of a foregone conclusion (especially if you follow their setlists) than sports. I've seen crazy stuff happen in a final inning or final 2 minutes of a game tons of times to know it's worth staying for. One of my biggest pet peeves is people leaving early, especially when it affects the people around them that want to stay. Walking in front of people while the game or show is on going is extremely rude to those that want to stay. I always say, if you want to beat traffic, stay home and watch the game
  4. Wow what's setlist! So lucky! CE and SS as a first encore followed by TaB, PiB and KoC as a second! http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2010/goffertpark-nijmegen-netherlands-33d4189d.html
  5. You must've seen them in Australia? In North America, every show got Stockholm, and most got Map and New Born (they cut it during the second leg of the NA tour), but MK Ultra, CE, Bliss and Take a Bow were pretty rare here and never together in the same show
  6. Gone! It was really odd, after Madness, Matt kept his guitar and started playing around with it, then bam...Resistance! I was quite happy not hearing UD on back to back nights!
  7. The only reason the east coast got rare songs is because of signs on multiple night shows. Dead Star for both Toronto and New York and Micro Cuts just the once in Montreal. The signs idea really only started after the 3 shows in LA but I'm sure signs could've got you something more "rare" than Bliss. And speaking of Bliss, I know it doesn't seem so rare to you because the West Coast hears it fairly often, but on the East Coast, it is quite rare! I've been to 13 shows, and have only heard it once, and that was the special show at Webster Hall. My friend has been to 20 Muse shows, he's also only heard it once, again at Webser Hall. Speaking of special shows, the Mayan gig not only had more songs than the Webster Hall gig, but you guys got Assassin as well! The only reason Pittsburgh got Fury was because it happened to be Catherine's 100th show. If that had fallen on a West Coast show, it would've been played there. It was just luck. My point to all of this is it seems like you have a huge confirmation bias going on here. Sure some shows in the West got short changed, but shows in the East do too (Detroit didn't even have a piano slot). It's not like Muse caters to one or the other.
  8. No worries! I hope you dance around and sign along, this is a rock show after all! People who just stand still give us Canadians a bad rep as bad crowds!
  9. Showbiz Sunburn x2 Origin of Symmetry New Born x5 Bliss x1 Plug in Baby x7 Citizen Erased x1 Micro Cuts x1 Feeling Good x4 Absolution Intro x1 Apocalypse Please x1 Time is Running Out x11 Stockholm Syndrome x7 Interlude x7 Hysteria x9 Butterflies & Hurricanes x2 Black Holes & Revelations Starlight x12 Supermassive Black Hole x12 Map of the Problematique x8 Knights of Cydonia x12 The Resistance Uprising x12 Resistance x9 Undisclosed Desires x9 United States of Eurasia x7 Guiding Light x4 Unnatural Selection x2 Exogenesis Part 1 x3 The 2nd Law Supremacy x6 Madness x7 Panic Station x6 Survival x6 Follow Me x6 Animals x2 Explorers x3 Liquid State x6 Unsustainable x6 Isolated System x6 Drones Dead inside x2 Psycho x2 Mercy x1 Reapers x2 B Sides Dead Star x1 Agitated x1 Fury x1 The Groove x1
  10. From near the back where I was it looked like everyone was jumping and singing and screaming. The crowd was easily the best pit i'd ever been in. I'm sure there were parts towards the mid point where it wasn't as loud as say during Psycho, but people were exhausted i'm sure. I felt completely dead by the end of the show, my body aching and killing me but it was worth every second. It was hot as hell in there and the set was so heavy. I can honestly say I put out all the energy, jumping, singing, and screaming that I had in me
  11. What a first gig to go to! Not sure how you're going to be able to top it after though
  12. Time for an update Showbiz Sunburn x2 Origin of Symmetry New Born x4 Plug in Baby x6 Citizen Erased x1 Micro Cuts x1 Feeling Good x4 Dead Star x 1 Absolution Time is Running Out x9 Stockholm Syndrome x6 Interlude x4 Hysteria x7 Butterflies & Hurricanes x2 Black Holes & Revelations Starlight x9 Supermassive Black Hole x9 Map of the Problematique x7 Knights of Cydonia x9 The Resistance Uprising x9 Resistance x8 Undisclosed Desires x9 United States of Eurasia x6 Guiding Light x4 Unnatural Selection x1 Exogenesis Part 1 x3 The 2nd Law Supremacy x5 Madness x5 Panic Station x5 Survival x5 Follow Me x5 Animals x1 Explorers x3 Liquid State x5 Unsustainable x5 Isolated System x5
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