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  1. Popularity/sales means shag all when it comes to quality of band. Though I'd argue Daft Punk are bigger than Muse, despute being in different music categories. Anyway, off to Muse section.
  2. This might amuse/appall you. Had a slight incident after a social where one of the guys wanted me to keep an eye out for a girl he'd boned and wanted to avoid. Only trouble was, he could only remember that she was blonde and "hot". Jokily mentioned this in a facebook post two days later, and then found myself shouted out for jeopardising his chances with the "slits" :facepalm: Feel free to sing the I Was Right Song.

  3. Word of warning: When around these kind of people, quoting Muse isn't clever. Unless you're in Main Muse (and even then, to an extent) you will be ridiculed like there's no tomorrow. Most of the inhabitants here are closet Muse fans thanks to the Banter section, and will pounce relentlessly on those who still admit to it. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  4. I just saw Villagers live and it was fucking immense.
  5. You're as lovely you know that. Thanks a million Teegs :kiss:

  6. I've noticed that you've been having a tough time lately so sending muchos love from Australia :kiss:

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