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    I'm Mika and I live in Kalmar, Sweden!
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    sweden, småland, kalmar
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    music, piano, guitar, drawing, hanging out
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    MUSE! Håkan Hellström, Mando Diao, Masshysteri, Kent, Timo Räisänen, Johnossi, Cursive, As Cities Burn, The Kooks
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    Forrest Gump, Kenny Begins, Slim Susie, p.s I love you, Send it Forward, Hata Göteborg, Surf's Up
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    That 70's show, Americas Next Top Model, How I Met Your Mother, South Park
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    Everything Per Nilsson. Stephen King is also good.
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    Showbiz, Origin Of Symmetry, Hullaballoo, Absolution, Black Holes and Revelations, HAARP, The Resistance. Hullaballoo DVD, The Resistance DVD. two t-shirts <3
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    stockholm, hovet 24/10 - 09 :D
    and I WAS going to Zinkendamms IP, 21/7-10. :(
  1. i had a dream about muse last night.... we were in this garden, and matt spoked really bad swedish and we likeee *baaang, fire, explosions* fell in love.. and i can tell u, it was amazing... but then i had to run into the woods alone and chase something, like those bad dark guys in harry potter or somethinh.. and then i woke up! Dammmn! well, so im going to stockholm tomorrow! cuz i was going to see muse on that date -.- I REALLY hope that i will see them strolling around ( yeah i know, stupid fan girl fantasy..)!! ehohohohohohihi
  2. I would cry too. I had a sinking feeling the other day that I would never see Muse live. I cried a bit, but am hoping for the best. Oh, and my ears are now completely healed!


    On the not-so-bright-side, I just found out that to cut expenses we are getting rid of my internet access, so I will hardly be on here, if at all. This is my last run before the connection really disappears. *sniff* Oh well, not as if I'll be disappearing completely, I just won't be on all day, like I normally am, ha-ha. Goodnight.

  3. haha, ear problems?

    nah, I could go to Finland or Norway, but I don't think that my mother would let me do that. And I don't have that amount of money :p

    I'm just hoping that Muse will give Sweden another gig on another date, because I'm craaaazy about them! I cried like a baby for like hours when i found out that the gig was cancelled, hahah :$

  4. They canceled a Stockholm gig? That must suck, seeing as you live in Sweden; I'm sorry. I'm better today, the antibiotics they prescribed me at the hospital are really working well because I can hear out of my left ear now. :happy: Can't wait until the right follows suit. Is there another gig nearby that you can go to?

  5. Female 15 Caucasian Cursive, Håkan Hellström, Mando Diao, Kent.
  6. i'm pretty fine, thank you for asking :) i'm still kind of upset with the cancelled stockholm gig though, can't stop thinking about it! and how are you? :)

  7. Excuse me, why is the stockholm gig cancelled? I cant return my bus tickets. Give me a reason, pleeeease, im begging you!

  8. Nej, jag vet! Man är ju helt uppe i extas liksom, då går det inte att hålla tyst Och alla bara suckar när man gaggar och babblar, men det är bara för att de inte vet om hur awesome det är att gå på muse... yees it sucks! *really sad face* heeeest... yes, hopefully! but i can't return my bus tickets, so i have to go to stockholm 21th anyway, yey.. so if they decide to come to stockholm on another date it'll be kinda crappy for me, to go to stockholm a second time. i can almost see money slipping through my fingers...
  9. haha yeah, i'm pretty proud of myself! :)

  10. I imagine that it would be a pain... but at least you know how to spell it! :)

  11. jag har bestämt vad vi ska göra i bussen påväg upp till huvudstaden... jag har bestämt vad jag ska ha på mig... jag har en ticker på facebook som räknar ner dagarna... jag har ett larm som går på mobilen den 21 juli... jag har fått oräkneliga dampanfall om hur kul det ska bli.. jag har lärt min pojkvän att klappa till starlight.. jag har fantiserat sååå många gånger hur det ska bli att stå i den varma soliga sommarkvällen, på en jättestor plan, med tusentals människor, och se matthew bellamy springa runt med sin gitarr och lira citizen erased... och så bliiiir det ingenting!! INTE okej!
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