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  1. i'm fine i've started watching supernatural you should give it a try i think you'll like it:D .i should restart visiting the forum hmmm but i always forget to do thissss.who's in your avatar?

  2. Du leker svår och jag beter mig som ett dagisbarn lol hihihi

  3. omg haha vilken tönt jag är

  4. oh you know just listening to THE 2ND LAW :awesome: what do you think of it? wtf panic station

  5. Thank you! I'd love to come, don't know when I'll be able to, though D: I'm glad you're enjoying your study, though - or trying to, anyway XD I'm glad at least the students are nice :)

    I'm getting used to it, and I even hear it at the radio quite often. I don't know if it has something to with the fact that this is more "mainstream" than before or just more people enjoying Muse's music, though. It indeed wasn't Muse-like. Though, when I listened to it more often, it started to become a little more Muse-y than it was before xD Indeed, the title of the song suggest something entirely different than what the song actually is like.

    Normally, our neighbourhood is very calm but an event only once a year makes people change like that, I guess. I love our neighbourhood, though. It's very nice and close - most of the time xD

    Are you sure? I often think I need glasses too, never bothered to get my eyes checked because I need to make an appointment and I just forget (to make one and to go to one xD). I guess you told me you couldn't wait but I can't quite remember. I don't know what to think about studying. Part of me says to take a gap year, but I just don't know... with all those rules here about studying I'm afraid I might have to pay more for my study and I really, really don't want that. I know... I do have a lot to do and I'm already waiting for the next holidays since I might get some rest then... I hope. Perhaps I have to work the whole week, but I'll see.

    Awww... It would've been awesome if you had been able to see Muse there or with another live show. Tickets are just sold out so quickly... I hope you're doing fine, by the way :)

  6. You're welcome anytime!! Would love a visit from you! I wanted to study dentistry but I didn't get a place, so I chose the pharmaceutical program. It has got the medicine part and I like chemistry (the first class) so I thought why not. I'm happy I did that though 'cause it's been fun so far and the people are really nice and fun. Yeah, it was weird wasn't it! Me too, it wasn't capturing enough and really usual in a way. I also found the song to not be Muse-y, as many said it sounded like U2 etc. I didn't really like it because I expected it to be this huuge song and heavy and all because of the name :LOL: But now I do, they do make it sound good eventhough I normally wouldn't like it. I love the last part! I really dislike that! That's why I love living in a calm neighbourhood, they're all new families with children so no one's loud. I think I need to get glasses cause my eye sight is bad I've notice from trying to read the text on screen at lectures. Did I tell you I couldn't wait to start studying? Forget that :LOL: When you have alot to do it aint fun anymore! I hope we both get less soon! Also Muse will be at a Swedish/Norweigan show called Skavlan on thursday and I was trying to get train tickets but I was overbidded :( I didn't get tickets for the show either :(

  7. Yes! I wrote it around 3 am near London xDDD I was wondering if what I wrote made sense xD I don't mind that much. Have you chosen what you will be going to study yet, and what will it be (or is it already)?

    I think I might go travel Scotland and Ireland, and maybe a few places in Wales, after I finish my final exams this year (well, upcoming year, 2013 xD). I'm not sure, though. I'd love to go to Haiti or the United States as well. Or visit you ;) I really don't know what to do. I think it might depend on what my friends are going to do, too. It's indeed expensive, but I'm planning to live with my parents at least in the first year of my study and then -perhaps- move out, so I'm saving for my study and maybe some travels.

    That sucks. I think it's weird, not knowing when you will have exams. We all know exams in advance and I even know what days I'll have my exams in May 2013! I just hope you don't have any exams, you find someone to go with you and you'll have a great time seeing Muse. I still wish to go see them...

    I saw the Madness video! I thought it was weird but couldn't quite concentrate on it. I don't know why but I was watching it and I kind of drifted off and was only staring at the screen instead of really watching. I love the song, though. At first I thought it wasn't really Muse, but after listening to it a few more times I started to appreciate it and started to love the way Muse wormed a different music style in my heart xD I don't know how they do it, but if they make the music, I'll listen to anything xD

    I'm great at the moment, a little tired. There's this walking event that's once in a year (80 kilometres walking through the area called 'de Langstraat') and it goes through our street. Which is annoying because our neighbours love to party and take this as an excuse to have loud music and lots and lots of alcohol until 3am in the friggin' morning. And I just want to go to sleep since I didn't get that much last night either. Apart from that, I'm actually feeling good, and happy, and the only sad thing is school because it's so much work xDDD

  8. Heeey! It's like several months between every reply, high five to uussss!:awesome: I'm alriiight, that song made me happy though, real quality music, dope video effects:yesey: How are yooooou gurl and what's up with your life??

  9. Thank you! I got your card! So very sweet and I really apologize for the delays, I never get on here anymore or the internet at all really :LOL: I love going to London, I really want to visit Scotland next time I travel though, or the US but it's so expensive :( I'm getting my hands on a ticket atm but I'll have to travel all alone, it's pretty far and I don't know if I'll have any exams at that time. So the madness video is coming tomorrow! What do you think of the song btw? How are you? :)

  10. i'm fine i'm fine i'm glad you responded :LOL: how are you:D?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BM3j9pKXJ8

  11. I'm glad you're improving ;) I didn't go to London for the Olympics, I tried to avoid it with my friends. We just went everywhere the Olympics weren't xDD Or tried to, anyway. You might have received the card I sent you from there! I have made up my mind, but I'm not there yet. One year left... If I pass my exams in one go, I'll be finished June 2013 :) I'm not going to see Muse. I was going to try to get to Amsterdam, but when I realized Muse would be playing there, it was already sold out T___T

  12. Does anyone have a standing ticket for sale? Didn't expect them to sell out so "quickly" tbh
  13. How are you guuuuuuuuurl?!?! :awesome:

  14. Improving! As the summer's coming to an end I guess I have to start getting my shit together haha. No way! So jealous! Because of the olympics I assume? Currently dealing with what Universities to choose from, what and where to study etc, really confusing when you haven't made up your mind entirely. Are you seeing Muse on any date btw? I didn't think the tickets would sell out so "quickly" so all the standing are sold out here haha. Need to get my hands on one haha.

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