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  1. Well. I think I've made a huge mistake. Because they didn't ship to Australia I used shitpito, thinking that it would just be the standard FedEx rate I pay for guitar imports (usually around $80 to $120). This thing is going to cost me upwards of $350 to post to my home down under :/ for the $700 it's costing me now I could have bought it at home with no paint defects. Live and learn I guess :/
  2. I bought one. I'll try and report back here when it arrives in the next 4 weeks. I don't post on the forums much though so maybe keep an eye out on reddit if you're interested. Oh and Re: the paintwork. I messaged the seller and they're basically just a middle man for Cort it seems. He sells it and they ship it and that's why he couldn't give me photos. Seems a bit dodgy but he's got good feedback so we will wait and see. Worst case scenario it comes out with no paint at all knowing my luck. On another note I want to get the custom manson hardware knobs but I'm a cheapskate. Are there any alternatives that look similar and aren't too pricey?
  3. Hi there, I saw your post about the cracked mirror replica for sale. I'm just wondering if it is still available and if so how much you would like for it? Thanks let me know! James

  4. I made a facebook group so we can try and keep everyone together if the idea for a flashmob gets brought up on other forums and sites. https://www.facebook.com/groups/405270266260349/
  5. There are always people who camp the night. I remember last tour Linkin' Park or someone played the night before and the morning that they played there were more Muse fans there than LP fans which was funny.. Anyway, you only need to get there at 9am the same morning if you wanna get to the barrier. Regardless however Rod Laver staff can be real dicks and hold you back for running.
  6. It's been a very long time since I've posted on the forums.. I don't often share my music however I feel I should share with the Museiverse. They're Midi because I can't record to save my life and my computer is too terrible to handle vst's. Here we go! flamenco style rock with strings, kind of like city of delusion. fast pased piano with thom yorkeish drums in 15/8 time and crazy arpeggiators. rocky, kind of like dead star/killing in the name with a solo similar to new born. There are more pieces on the page but I wanted to share the 3 newest. I'd love to know what you guys think!
  7. As most of you are already well aware, Dom's birthday is on the 7th of December, the same day as the second Melbourne show.. Now, my organizational skills are appalling however I'm hoping this thread will draw some people who can help organize a happy birthday flashmob for Dom at the gig! I think this must happen.
  8. Hi, I'm an Australian muser, I've preordered the resistance (about 3 weeks ago) and the only download I have recieved in my email was the making of uprising video. I'm beginning to worry about whether my CD+DVD will not arrive in the mail, as I'm not on the mailing list for the downloads, my email is spacejames-@hotmail.com Any help would be appreciated. thanks. And I cannot download any of the free material of Join The Resistance in the members area.
  9. STOP THIS MUSE. sorry if its already been said but it might not be MUSE's descision to make, black holes and revelations was with warner, so they would sign the contract, almost the same with the new Radiohead best of CD, it was by their old record label and radiohead couldnt stop them from releasing the cd's because they were with that label when those songs were made and released, they still own them, warner still "owns" bh&r
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