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  1. I guess I look at it similar to how I explained I look at Muse and Dig Down. Being opened minded and respecting the band's needs to venture out and try new stuff. I also like what Rivera said in this IG post:
  2. Yea Adrian said they'd do it once the booth is in since it's an MB-1. Just curious if they'd go heavy and "swirl" the glitter like MB's original.
  3. Hahaha I heard the resale value jumps exceptionally if it's silver! I'm still on the fence about it, but I'd like to get the MB-1 refinished like the original glitterati and screen added
  4. Has anyone heard from MGW on an expected date or time they're going to get the spray booth in?
  5. I think I would have preferred the #chuggz in @rust_relic's 007, but I still love mine and it's p90s
  6. I visit everyday, but I always check here first. It clicked once I sent me reply that something must be up. Rookie move on my part
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