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  1. While you guys are arguing over specialty rare songs, I'm just hoping it's a great show. Been out of the Muse world since 2nd Law album launch ages ago. It's gonna be great, never seen these songs live yet!
  2. My controversial opinion is that Liam's Muse fan movie will never be released (if it's even completed). Lots of you will say I'm be impatient, but I'm trying to be objective here. When was that first trailer released? When were those screenings supposed to happen (if they did? I'm ignorant on the topic as the England is six time zones away from me).
  3. Same here, except that I've only seen that at smaller venues. SO DAMN EXCITED for this. Try to get there early so you can get as close to the stage as possible. btw, if any one is having a muser meetup for this, kindly inform me.
  4. ok, so when do tickets go on sale? making this even if it means im quitting my internship.
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