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  1. sorry nao tinha visto as mensagens :LOL:

    pois é, a unica pessoa portuguesa que costumo falar daqui é a Maria.

    Estás a falar por exemplo de quando alguem escreve uma coisa e alguem responde como : +1 ?

  2. T-Rex

    yup :chuckle

    ok I'll add you then :)

    Thanks so much for the Matt pic! *hugs* so cute

  3. T-Rex

    hm maybe we didnt chat then, I dont remember =$

    yes it's Janine :), nice to meet you Grace hope you're having a good weekend too xx

  4. T-Rex

    hey there Im Jan, Ive seen you a few times on the PMT before and thought you would remember me. sorry :)

  5. T-Rex

    how are youuuuuuuu

  6. T-Rex

    hey hellooooooo :D

  7. yay :D thanks for the request.

    yup now we're friends :p xx

  8. ammeeee :kiss: hey im fine thanks

    yeah Ive been too lazy to come in here these days :$ how are you? :ninja:

  9. :LOL: its confusing
  10. Im fine thankss how are you? :p (damn i posted that on my profile too by mistake :LOL:)

  11. im fine thankss how are you? :p

  12. 1234-567 Cydonia

  13. Mars, City of Cydonia, Jurassic Park, Carnivorous Dinosaurs area nº2

  14. I am from Jurassic Park, that sounds good send it to me when you want ;)

  15. im fine thanks :) I hope so too xx

  16. haha pois.. infelizmente o Chris nao recebe tanta ateno :( um dia destes ajudo te a animar akele topico! :LOL:

  17. omg :LOL: bem PCTer nao é assim tao mau :p

    so sou PMTer pk sou demasiado preguiçosa pra andar a postar em tanto lado... ja sou preguiçosa no PMT imagina os outros :LOL:

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