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  1. Merry Xmas to you too!! :D

  2. my teeth are white and shiny like pearls because I use colgate :phu:

  3. Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. happy birthdayyyyy :D

  5. Thanks dear :D it was fun.. gotta show you some pics later :LOL:

    wuvs ya xx

  6. thanks! hope you had a great one too =)

  7. it was okay thanks =)

  8. obrigada* lol falhou

  9. its okay, thanks Tom :D

    hows you? xx

  10. thank youuuuuuu =)

  11. T-Rex

    yeah its cool =) and I see that your birthday is coming too hehe

    thanks :kiss: xx

  12. T-Rex

    oh okay

    nah still didnt get much Ive only been to school yet anyway.. and my party will be on next week =) but one of my classmates was cool enough to offer me an AC/DC dvd... I was very very surprised.. and also got a laptop finaly!! (Ive never had a new computer that worked properly thisi s the first time ever =) )


  13. T-Rex

    aww thanks Grace :kiss: I am having a good day =)

    Hope you're alright **

  14. thankish AMMMMM =D loves you xx

    ok i'll check =)

  15. hey thanks dear =)

    hows you? x

  16. awww thank you Kris =) Yes I am having a great day *hugs*

    love you xx

  17. Thanks mate. I do think I did a good job too and considering Im the last Tyrannosaurus on Earth, all movies you see a T-Rex is played by me. :cool:

  18. havent seen you in ages! :supersad:


    Happy Birthdaaaaaayyy ! Have a great day =)

  19. nice to meet you Mr.Yorke

  20. :LOL: hahaha pois tava a falar com AM agora sobre isso e ja sei tudo o que aconteceu!! Tou me a partir a rir que nem imaginas. quero que essa gaja entre pra eu gozar com ela... fg quem me dera ter tado la :'( queria ver essa cena
  21. ola :D que aconteceu ontem?

  22. hey pearl didnt see you in ages :erm: where are you?

  23. que dizer que concordas exactamente com o que a pessoa disse por exemplo: "adoro essa imagem" e tu escreves "+1" quer dizer que és mais uma pessoa que pensa assim :D

    Espero que tenhas percebido :$

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