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  1. Im too lazy to go on the PMT again :(:LOL:

  2. :ninja: are you a ninja now?
  3. how are you? :kiss:

  4. im good thanks :kiss: just saw jurassic park 2 again today. how cool I look on that movie :LOL:

  5. aww :( -hugs-


    I hope to speak to you soon too xx

  6. oh you were pspdude... I completely forgot you changed username. silly me :$

  7. I cant find it :(:LOL:

  8. Hey what's up?


    do you have a LB?

  9. Hi :D how are you? xx

  10. your pic is awesome :):kiss:

  11. you just need to be careful with my big teeth and claws -hugs- :LOL:

  12. I am a good dinosaur :)

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