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  1. my dear cydonian sheep =)

  2. luff youuu krisssss

  3. T-Rex

    a black SG <3

  4. T-Rex

    very good day! I just received a guitar. so happy wooot!

  5. T-Rex

    im good thanks howz ya??

  6. T-Rex


  7. ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

  8. DAMMIT!! nooooooo not fair! I wasnt the first to comment your profile *cries* ( =P teheh nothing against you Kris dear)

    I m so busy with fkn exams biootch thats why im not here much

    you need to come more often to this board thing, everything is getting more cool I can even comment your profile yay lol

    luff you metalhead xxx

  9. now you have 2 friends. wooot

  10. glad to help :D

  11. its my fav ninja! haii sairr :D

  12. :(


    well at least we will write. right?

  13. T-Rex

    nah i only eat triceratops and salad (what? a t-rex cant eat vegetables?) Me is innocent

  14. T-Rex



    nah me iz good dinosaur! :p

  15. T-Rex

    T-Rex is good. But life on jurassic park is getting boring

  16. hello my dear sheep :)

  17. T-Rex


    Hows my dear human friend?

  18. now you're not talking to yourself. yay ;)

  19. Rawrrrr

    havent seen you in ages! (on the board of course :p)

  20. I agree with Lynz dont gooo :(

  21. dont leave !!! :(

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