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    Figured id update this in case anyone is actually left on the forums, I'm 31 from Lisburn, makeup addict, architecture master graduate, fire safety officer and general all-round introvert/eccentric.
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    Music, art, music, architecture, music, photography
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    Fire Safety officer
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    In this moment, James Bay, Sleep Token, Tom Mcrae, Devin Townsend, Hayley Williams, Poppy, Chelsea Wolfe, Bjork, Billie Eilish.... a whole load of random ones i cant be arsed to name
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    Pulp Fiction, American Psycho, Father of the Bride, Shutter Island, Wolf of wall street
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    Gogglebox, The Simpsons (Series 1-9), Hannibal, Friday Night Dinner
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    Showbiz (iTunes, Cd)
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    Hullabaloo ( CD, iTunes, Dvd)
    Absoloution (Cd, Itunes, Dvd)
    BHAR (CD and Special Edition CD/DVD)
    HAARP (Cd&Dvd Also Special Edition cd&dvd)
    All b-sides on iTunes
    Muse@ RAH
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    Marlay Park 13th august 2oo8

    o2 Dublin 6th november
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  1. Im not sure if its just me but it sounds like the vocals are a bit too loud or something, overall i like it, the piano instrumental is stunning. Could do without the annunciation of the 'Oohs' at the end but yeah, overall not bad!
  2. Not sure how the release will go down overall, but I personally loved it! Wonder if he will do his own album?
  3. Sunburn made my entire night ( i know not everyone likes it ) also seeing matt like 10cms away from me at the barrier was awesome epic night all round!!!
  4. Bumping this because I haven't been on here in ages n I wanna see sum Irish musers back on the scene
  5. i was at the last o2 gig n i wasnt aware there was a pit! i was about one row back from barrier and i certainly wasnt crushed at any point
  6. I remember being in the q behind sum one wearing what looked like ONLY a black bin liner lol n then suicidal pigeon " don't doo itttt "
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