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  1. although no microcuts, showbiz tracks or citizen erased , spoiled us the last time, maybe they unleashed these greats on the second night

  2. WEMBLEY part 3 was brilliant

  3. hi , has anyone received their tickets for the 10th of september show you lives in uk N.Ire? am awaiting 5 hope they are as cool as the last wembley tickets btw sorry for quoting the post above, havent posted for a while ....
  4. I think 'The Decemberists' would be cool different folk prog rock with good honest riffs interspersed to great effect with excellent vocal passages...theres a telegragh newspaper artical that compares them to muse saying the best song titles since blackholes in ref to their 5th album 'hazards of love' I am new to them caught them on later with jools holland didnt really get the newspaper artical as they dont sound like muse but may be the inventivness or something the shifting melody to the riff check them out on iplayer very last track is great the witch riff sequence is great;) its a mythical story that unwinds through the album , I thought it was a throw back to the pixies or somthing initially was about to switch over glad I did not had to order the album on play.
  5. thanks xTHalia for the verification i thought as much hope I am not too late though I remember sitting looking down on the stage middle teir left and watching people trying to get into the mosh pit sorta sectioned bit at the front and this family been turned away they where not pleased oh and the rain was pouring from the sky too I was dry ...lol I seen that people who got into the front part got access to the bar etc throughout the day behind the stage it was constand stream of people as long as I get about half way down or so I will be happy am sure someone is probably setting up camp now to make sure:p
  6. :chuckle:


    neverending load av ftw.

  7. cool avatar or what ever you call the wee pic things on forums likes it alot the we loading circle thing

  8. that would be cool even though am not a fan per say killing in the ....
  9. hi the last wembley shows I sat both nights first night up close almost looking down n stage it was on the left middle teir i was a great view 2nd night as top of middle teir right on the back rounded corner it also was great but obviously further away but not bad can anyone verify what the tickets I got are Muse - General Admission (Pitch Standing & Level 1 Unreserved Seats) Wembley Stadium, London, Fri 10 Sep 2010, 16:00 five came to £252 via ticketmaster are these standing tickets or seated or has it not been decided by promoter or what, will they be stndng? it seemed the only option for standing o ticketmaster
  10. I will be there a space of the atmosphere will be taken up by me and 5 others yeeeeeaaahh cant wait:D * thought this was a different topic..sorry I will probably use ryanair as they made me airport immune, although I spent a lot of money at the airport and new ticket via airport internet damm the ryan air ..but they are cheap and fly from derry which aint far from me usually use belfast the union gig 7.99 each way this dec so can complain
  11. personally I was thinking about flying over cheapest available (ryan air) get to london see the gig then get from london to standsted airport after gig for first flight back am doing a trial run for the Union gig in the relentless garage on the 15th next month
  12. Wolfmother/ stereophonics/the decemberists, them crooked vultures/artic monkeys? not all together mind you:) that would be asking to much what about rodriguez and gabriella the flaminco guitarists they where class last time the dpt where bad or not suited to large venue the streets where ok better than the dpt, never saw biffy caught a bit of mcr flashy american lightweight piss it seemed to me what about THE UNION (Luke Morley and Peter Shoulder) check them out on http://www.myspace.com/theunionofficial any justice this band should be huge
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