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  1. Cheers, couldn't remember what song it was. Maybe they discovered he can hit about three notes and decided to milk it. Would love to hear it isolated!
  2. Anyone else notice Dom "singing" at one point? Can't remember what song it was on now, neither Matt or Chris were doing vocals, just Dom. I was full sure he was known to be an atrocious singer; any thoughts on them having a sneaky vocal track playing and him doing some pretending? Inside joke perhaps. Also yeah, Chris was having the time of his life. Edit: to clarify, it wasn't the vocoder part of SMBH, it was proper singing.
  3. Had a brainwave somewhere around The Globalist: thinking of the protagonist as having a split personality disorder (so the love songs are to his other side) could be cool. Well, it makes the whole destroying the world with nuclear war thing creepier, cos it's his other personality that makes him do it, so then it's just him left alone all mental. Right fuck it, even I think I sound like a knob. Never mind. Need sleep. Album good. Revolt meh, sounds like a Killers B-side. Aftermath no, sounds like Guiding Light part 2. Globalist and Drones; initial thought was self-indulgent wank, then got really cool. Most important point, Chris is on fucking fire in this album. Bass is so smooth and fat, epic distortion in parts.
  4. Meh maybe I'm just easy going. I dont see the point in complaining about what they write or who likes it, they're gonna do what they're gonna do. It's their career after all. Anyway they're still fucking epic live and are bringing back some of their early greats so happy days in my eyes. Hope there's something decent in the album for you.
  5. All I can say is that bass line is fucking smooth. First impressions of the song are good for me. And my god we went so long without bringing up fucking Twilight. Just let it go already. Who gives a shit of it brought in extra fans.
  6. Hah nice one! Great venue, they've been talking about doing more intimate gigs for years, nice to finally go to one.
  7. Couldn't find a thread so I thought I'd start one. Anybody else out there get the presale tickets? Really f**king hope they let me in if I used someone else's card to buy the ticket, but I have that card with me.
  8. noodlum93

    Psycho UK Tour

    Really fucking hope they let me in if I'm not the name on the card, but I have the card I used with me :\ just happened to not have the cash on my own card at 6pm, and was too late to transfer money over. YEH HEAR THAT ULSTER HALL, YOU BETTER LET ME IN.
  9. This is fantastic. Stealing your idea.
  10. Na mine's is always longer, the doctor says it's a gift. Anyhoo, back on topic, updates....?
  11. Any update on the second version? Waiting hard on it
  12. Absolute joke that Ireland isn't on the list of tour dates; they've been coming here for years, why stop now? They played to a full house at the O2 in 2009 and again to a massive crowd at Oxegen 2010. Hope they don't just decide to play Oxegen, would much rather pay the 50-60 quid to see them at the O2 than pay 250 to go to Oxegen again...
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