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Found 6 results

  1. I'm desperate to get the drones film added to a cinema near me. The closest is about 8 hours away. I emailed to closest Event Cinema (1.75hrs away) and asked them but they said its not up to them. I need to contact whomever is distributing the film as they can put it on.. Does anyone know who or how i do this? I don't want to miss out!!! Thanks Source: http://muse.mu/
  2. Hi! So I don't know if this will ever happen--though hopefully it does--but will there be a live pro-shot video of one of the full shows on the Drones Tour? I'm just asking because there were full (well, minus a few songs) videos of the Seattle 2010 show during the Resistance Tour, and the Japan 2013 show during the 2nd Law Tour. So if there are any pro-shot recordings from either 2015 or 2016 of the Drones Tour, please post them here!
  3. Hi fellow Musers! I'm attending tomorrow night at the Manchester Arena and wanted to know what everyones' experiences of queuing were like for standing? Did anyone go down early to their UK gig? And what were the queues like at time of arrival? I want to get as close to the front as possible! Thanks!!
  4. I'm going to the show in Philadelphia on Sunday. I had planned on getting one of each item from the Drones Tour but unfortunately I won't have enough money to get everything the day of the concert. Does anybody know approximately when the merchandise from the tour will be available for purchase on their online shop?
  5. So I bought tickets to yesterday and today because I was hoping to to both, but George Lucas/JJ Abrams/ Disney decided to ruin my life because I work in a movie theater and now I can't go tonight because of Star Wars (no hate, it just sucks working these huge weekends) And I have (1) ticket for Loge 109 row 16 that I need to sell. Any takers? It's a pretty amazing seat, bonus- it's an aisle seat! So if people in front of you are too crazy, you can lean to the side and still see the guys Asking for face value ($95USD) OBO. I'll email you the tickets as soon as you pay via PayPal. I'm at work already and it's madness here so I know I can get out and go to the show. Message or email me!
  6. I'm trying to get my dad to buy me GA tix (though I'll be okay with Reserved Seating after reading that pinned thread) for the pre-sale for Chicago on Wednesday (as it doesn't seem likely they'll play Milwaukee at this point). But he wants a price, which I currently can't give him as the site for pre-sale has no price listed at this point. Its during my winter break for college (miraculously) but the only way he'll ever say yes is if he has an actual price. I know they've gone up incredibly since I saw them in 2010, but I'm not sure on an actual price. At this point I'm just trying to convince him its a Christmas and Birthday gift if it just means I can see them. Thanks for any help!
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