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  1. Keth

    hi you have the best hair ever. that is all :kiss:

  2. U 2 kewl, Willfred.

  3. Why thank you, that's good to know actually.

  4. :LOL:


    just seen this, I might do

  5. You'll get an incredible amount of awesome points if you change your profile picture to the image that Alex spammed and consequently got banned for.

  6. Thought you'd appreciate that, Willy. :happy:

  7. There needs to be a version of that smiley that says "Sirius" instead

  8. straigt up sirius tbf

  9. Only cause I'm not sewius. :kiss:

  10. bbz wel harshers

  11. You're icky. Ew, stay away from me.

  12. ew who are you

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