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  1. I suppose anyone who enjoys listening to new music and hearing the sound evolve isn't a fan. That's a coveted title for only those who can only enjoy OoS and Absolution. But really, as much as I enjoyed Matt's voice and how he used it on those albums, his voice is only getting better.
  2. I never understood the Explorers hate. Anyways, I really like Psycho and I find Matt's voice really interesting in this track despite the lyrics. I think it would be easier to listen to repeatedly without the drill sergeant part also because it kind of takes away from the potential song trance.
  3. I don't get the point in attempting to harass Fabri for his top ten albums as though that means anything relevant. On a separate note, my local radio station is going to play a radio friendly version of Psycho within the next ten minutes.
  4. I get the impression this will be both a fun live song and a song that shines more in the context of the album as long as it's a coherent concept album.
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