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  1. If so, I would love for you to have a listen to my new track. I know its far from muse, but hey the guys originally inspired me to start making music anyway, if you are interested: cheers
  2. hi people, just recently I uploaded a new song (mixing rock and orchestra) to my youtube account. if you're interested, you can check it out here: enjoy
  3. hey I actually quite enjoyed both of the songs. nice job! can you tell me how you recorded all of the instruments and what programs you used?
  4. I'm praying that they'll play at the Frequency Festival in Austria it's in august and might be a great opportunity to pre play some of the new stuff off their album.. oh god please!!
  5. thanks a lot yeah the thing about the vocals is that id actually like to do them myself but i really suck... so maybe after i had some singing lessons things will change:D
  6. first song ive heard from them was Plug-In Baby. back then i was a metal freak and thought "WTH, why do I like this poprock (excuse me...) music...?!?!" i couldnt resist to download an album of them and immediately fell in love with them. they also made me stop liking metal
  7. Hey guys, i just released my new demo, containing 6 songs. would be glad about any kind of comments/feedback links: www.youtube.com/hyperdemented www.myspace.com/creosound Cheeeeeeers!
  8. thanks very much true, the drums are pretty poor and the riff isn't really solid because of that i have to re-edit all the songs before making them downloadable (and it really bores me )
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-OFQMhmLoY Heavily influenced by Muse's riffs and electric sound.
  10. thanks very much for taking the time yeah, i think the drums come out a little too much high end too, but i found out that it sounds way better in reason (the application i used to mix), a little worse as .mp3 and very poor on myspace. and yup, ill try to make them sound a little more different, im just making my first experiences
  11. Creo - www.myspace.com/creosound heavily influenced by muse and all sorts of electric sounds songs are on the myspace page, tell me if you like/dislike them cheers
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