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    A bubbling volcano of chaotic nothingness
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    In a hole
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    Furtherance of self through unconventional practises such as waffling on about nothing inparticular
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    Muse duh
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    too many, but top 2 are
    Schindlers list
    Empire of the sun
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    House, Lost
  1. I don't care so long as I can rant endlessly about nonsensical things
  2. I miss chat. It was my home. Now I'm homeless. No fair
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  4. a wish you a mary christmas ;D



  5. hello how are you you muse is so cool!

  6. I made something for you:


    Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.

    Stranger: hi!

    Stranger: do you have tumblr?

    You: Do you have a fruit basket?

    Stranger: why yes, yes i do

    You: Then why don't you go and fuck it?

    Stranger: well, that was uncalled for

    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

  7. Someone needs to start a petition to launch Bellamy into the stratosphere.
  8. ARGH! Chat won't let me send messages, just keeps entering no matter how many times i exit chat. sorryy :(

  9. It's because chat doesn't like you anymore holly.
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