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  1. but i love you too <3

  2. I'm mad at you...

  3. Hi, sorry for my late responses! Sounds good, I'm not on chat as much anymore (It's all dead in there!), but it'd be fun to catch up. Talk to you later, take care!

  4. hey bruce how r u long time no hear hope u r well i havnt been online for a long time been very busy will try to have a conversation with you soon i want to know everything you have been up to

  5. Hey! I´m new member here = )

  6. hey bruce how is u good i hope? long time no hear hope u r still working ? hope u r happy?

  7. Hey Bruce. :-) Sorry.. i couldn't answer u in chat. cause it doesn't work from my phone :-P:-) Im ok. Just wanted to know what happen here. I graduated uni. Now having rest at home. Was at the sea in Odessa with boyfriend. And how are u?

  8. hi anton how r u today ?

  9. I will be on Skype for u then. Btw, wtf happen with the muse chat, there is nobody never ever now!

  10. Pssst... I sprak svenska... Is it right?

  11. Yes, I changed my name:) im ok, a little bit stressed, but im on holidays now! hope to talk to you soon:p

  12. Hello, Karla? Did you have a name change? Also, I'm quite alright thank you! How about you? Talk to you soon!

  13. DEB!!!!!!!! We have to talk sometime! I'll see you on Skype sometime maybe!

  14. Hey! Been a while indeed. And, hot brave and, rich?! =D

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