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  1. Well Tickemaster policy seems to be contact them if they haven't turned up 5 days before I travel, which would be Sat 25th (going to a different concert in London the same weekend). You're right though, I can't see why if they insist on leaving it so late you can't have them emailed or scanned from your smartphone.
  2. I paid with PayPal muse.mu and only got an invoice email from PayPal and no muse email with a download link. That was 11.99 well spent
  3. Anyone seen Phil Jackson got emails from Muse and Hugh about his guitars today. I guess he upset someone with contacts.
  4. I've looked at PCSpecialist before. I'm tempted to buy a gaming PC from them for about £1K but has anyone here got any history with them? Are they any good to buy from?
  5. http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?p=9273341#post9273341 Keep an eye on the DVD thread for any news
  6. That's really dissapointing. I half expected to end up with some kind of chrome guitar in the future but I'm not so sure now. Your Bomber Replica, is that the one you mean or the plain chrome ? I havn't seen any pictures of your original Bomber for what...3/4 years?
  7. I remember them doing that one, certainly doesn't look like it was professionally done imo. I take it Simno's hasn't gone off-colour at all? It must be what, 5 years old?
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