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  1. That was ridiculous. I had been trying since the link went live and the others. Even though I live in London guess I'll have to watch it online
  2. Other than Chris's vocal length debut The 2nd Law titled songs are the only ones that are different in style / dont hark to Muse's mishmash/old stuff (Supremacy) or sounding like someone else (Big Freeze / U2)
  3. Yes but not likely to exist, if I knew how to remember/write music I'd make a mint! Odd part was sharing a lamb mince pastry pie with Dom:erm:
  4. Last night I had a dream I was there, was a bit odd now I think about it
  5. Been 2 years since I last logged in and last saw them live. Back then it was almost a saving grace for what was a difficult time. Here I am again without the gigs to look forward to.
  6. I can't see them wanting to get proper jobs anytime soon unless they're going for early retirement and will just live off the royalties from re-releases Ok serious now: I hope it isn't the last, I've had their music in my life for over 12 years and it would still be there if they decided to stop tomorrow. The £65 is what most bands / ticket agents are charging now. Getting Muse tickets has become a military operation these days so I doubt I'll even get the chance to spend this amount (plus additional fees) anyway.
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