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  1. Anyways. Did anyone put us out of our misery and list all 28 anywhere?
  2. No one mentioned how much it looked like miming during the whistling for The Globalist, The Harmonica for Knights and Dom's singing in parts due to the awful camera/lighting and directing.
  3. Cheers. I don't pay much attention until on the day of things. Same as when I travel, I just ask what time does the flight leave and turn up.
  4. Take it stage time will be 21:30/22:00 or maybe even later. Think Curfew on Fri night is 00:00
  5. Tonight being the end of the UK Tour could be A: Full On Mental with Mega Set, lets play some proper old skool or B: Thank goodness all the fanboys/girls will stop with silly song requests we won't play for you and lets just see this through playing all the dirge of the day.
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