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  1. So just because it's someone else who made the call, that makes it acceptable? And your example is invalid, because they are not advertising those props or specific set when selling the ticket. Tell you what, as I was thinking of writing/calling up the consumer protection government place thing anyway, I'll ask them about this situation and if there is any chance of recourse.
  2. I don't understand why there is arguing about the premium tickets. Whether or not it is the right thing to do for fans is irrelevant, the early entry in this case has been false advertising, not specific and/or vague. I bought premium tickets for Finland because I can't be bothered to deal with the extra amount of people in standing. The venue is open air, and there will be no seats, meaning more people. I don't know about you folks in U.S. with consumer laws, but pretty sure in EU they would have tougher time denying refunds, but who knows with these concert tickets and them being non-refundable because it's an event..
  3. You do have direct contact with Muse staff though. Send them a message. I have seen a few posts on r/Muse claiming they have this issue, and most of the time it is the AdBlock rules that cause white page. This is misleading to the user because they think it is the sites fault.
  4. There's an on-going issue with adblockers and muse.mu main site. There is some sort of adblocking rule that blocks visualwebsiteoptimizer.com and when its blocked the whole site doesn't render.
  5. How is the early entry thing for 3rd gig? Still the same issue? EDIT: nvm there is dedicated thread for it https://forum.muse.mu/topic/80693-vipcid-early-entry-disaster-woes/
  6. Better. Thanks. The slash too many isn't only problem, the URL is suppose to look like this: https://www.muse.mu/user/590935/edit-profile
  7. Clicking on this in settings Redirects me to invalid URL/page https://www.muse.mu/user//edit-profile
  8. I feel like the embeds are too oversized and should have a set max height. Each embed can take up a whole height of the browser window when scrolling. For example:
  9. Well, it certainly is posted by a real person. The original tweet has the username mistyped. From Instagram stories.
  10. Welp, if this picture is legitimate.. (couldn't verify the source).
  11. So excited, ahhhhh. Staying up whole night to see all the tour spoilers.
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