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    im an art student. i play in a band (vocals and lead guitar/piano)
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  1. Live: HAS to be Bliss, when the balloons come down and things go just crazy, it's brilliant! Docu: "sit the fuck down" and Matt with the champagne bottle lol... it's also funny watching him with the sword in the stone lol
  2. no, i just need it for an art project at college ^_^ TELESONIC
  3. hey all, long time- no post. I'm looking for a screenshot from hullabaloo when dom's on the bus doing his "sit the **** down" part, any one got a screen of that ? cheers, Ray ...TELESONIC
  4. best: muscle museum or bliss worst: hysteria * i answered worst right away, and then pondered about 5-10mins for the best* o.0
  5. class, the redtail shark part made me laugh ^_^ thanks for that ^_^ cheered my up first thing on a school morning lol....yes....im stuck in the library aain awaiting art and music ^_^...bliss
  6. sourcore - http://www.sourcore-official.2ya.com -don't really have any song mp3s up yet, sorry
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