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    I have a face...and i like triangle and magic orgies between clouds and hats
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  2. cheers man...planet waves were already planned i can always relly on you biblical
  3. please may you knowledgable guitar boffins gimmie a hand with what order to put me pedals in...and i need to know what wires etc to buy i have: guitar big muff fender tuner digitech multi-fx boss phaser dan electro 7 band eq flextone 2 (with effects loop) i am currently: guitar --->big muff---> multi fx--->phaser--->amp but a) i want to include the tuner (for obvious reasons) b) i want to include the eq as a volume booster/tone shaper and was told that to do so it needs to be in the effects loop of the amp, so i wondered what else should go in the effects loop. cheers in advance...and it would be nice to know by 5ish today as i have band practice 2night so would need to get the leads for effects loop etc thanks leo
  4. it disappeared *sobs* now we have to answer all those questions on how to play citizen erased again grrrr
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