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  1. Hey people. I have my rig kinda sorted, just pondering now. I have 3 different types of disortion/overdrive/fuzz (BOSS SD-1, Marshall Jackhammer and a Big Muff). I was just wondering if there's a certain order that those 3 should be in. At the mo I have Guitar > Whammy > Wah > Muff > Jackhammer > SD-1 > Chorus > Amp Sounds good to me, but it's only going through a crappy practise amp, so I'm wondering when I get my new big shiny amp if it's gonna sound really dodgy. I reliese I've kidna rambled abit, It's late, I'm tired. I apologise
  2. yay, cheers Elouan! My mind can now rest.
  3. It's been buggin me for ages, I dunno why. It's a really trivial thing, but, as the subject suggests. Were there a support band/s at the Zenith gig when Muse recorded Hullabaloo? And if so, who were they?
  4. From what I've read and heard and guessed, I think that peice of "fretboard" is actually his disotortion pedal taken apart and the circuit for it taped to his guitar, much like his inbuilt distortion on his mansons, except that was how he managed it on a budget before he got the mansons.
  5. I have near enough the same set up I think it's something like: Guitar > wah . whammy > big muff > BOSS DS-1 > chrous > delay > amp I think :S
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