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eh can't avoid the spread of msn-lingo that corrupts the English language. I suppose it ought to be followed by a period too... but then that would make it too short.


I've just been really fascinated by how many multi-milliondollar companies I've walked into with marble floors, perfectly clean rooms, beautiful architecture, and an obvious spelling mistake on one of the notice boards hanging up in the main room. I mean, they have thousands of people in there, and no-one sees it? So I thought maybe no-one cares then heh. English must be a really tough language in some respects.

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Oh mi


Someone actually changed this.


I know most of the time people hate it when someone points out super-minor spelling mishaps. But someone actually read this thread and took action! I feel.. noticed.



i had to get one of the cleverer mods to check them for me after this thread :$

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