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  1. You get to chose between a honey caek or a fish cookie with a little slice of carrot on top, all served in wobbley grey sauce.



    I've been hell. Not a lot of perving done lately, I'm afraid...

    How are you, my little pork dumpling?

  2. Um yeah, that is exactly why I've returned! Happy Jewish New Year! Do I get free cake? I'm having one heck of a cake craving now...


    How've you been, my favourite jewish perv?

  3. Hello!

    Have you come here to wish me a happy Jewish new year?

  4. this is all false, Gil will never gain my affection.

  5. Back off, slut! Sven's mine. :mad:

  6. Sven didn't say "yes" yet!

    I was hoping buying him the dress would seal the deal, but alas, the bitch still plays hard to get....

  7. Why wasn't I invited? :(

  8. Awwwwwh! Someone tried to sell you wedding wears. :happy:

  9. Should the world be radiated so, I fear it would blind both the guilty and the innocent. What right have we to pursue our fullfilment when its arrival would would be felt by the uninitiated as a kind of divine wrath?


    No, we must resist these base urges, and in our suffering know that our pain is just. Love sometimes can only safely crystallize as the perpetual wound of unending seperation.

  10. Take all the time you need, you beautiful thing. I'll wait forever and an hour for you. One day, we'll be together. And it'll be the most awesome love the world will ever see.

  11. Your advances are both sudden and overwhelming...yet not entirely unwelcome. I now must take some time to compose myself before facing the world!

  12. Hey hey! No skype at the moment no, I'm rarely on my own and usually get interrupted during chats, LOL

  13. hey beb, do you have skype?

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