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The Guardian newspaper - 13/09/2010


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I didn't get the page number but it was close to the back so i cut the page out :)


It contained a pic of Matt Bellamy in his shiny silver suit that he wore to the gig and the following article:





by Rick Pearson


AFTER a triumphant headline slot at Glastonbury, Muse came to Wembley Stadium on Saturday night for the second of two massive shows here.


Before the Teignmouth trio took to the stage, dozens of flag-bearers marched up and down it holding a banner printed with the words "They will not control us". It felt more like the opening ceremony to the Olympics than the start of a rock concert.


The band opened with Uprising, a thrilling hybrid of glam-rock guitars and Blondie's Call Me backing vocals.

Never knowingly understated, frontman Matt Bellamy, now dating Hollywood actress Kate Hudson, sand its lung-busting chorus dressed in a sparkling silver suit, double-necked guitar draped over his shoulder.


"Thank you very much, London," he said. "It's great to see you again - well, some of you at least." Never the finest of orators, Bellamy kept the chat to a minimum after that, concentrating instead on wrestling all manner of otherworldly sounds from his guitar on Hysteria.


United States of Eurasia, which captured some of the grandiosity of Queen's We Are The Champions, proved he was equally proficient on the piano, where he stayed seated for a cover of Nina Simone's Feeling Good.


Not to be outdone, bassist Christopher Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard performed solos on a moveable platform out in the crowd. Bellamy joined them, keytar in tow, for Undisclosed Desires as the platform rose skyward.


Even by their own theatrical standards, however, the appearance of a UFO during Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture) was extraordinary - even if the steward holding the string alongside it slightly spoiled the illusion.


No matter. Complete with two encores, spectacular lighting and peerless musicianship, this is how all super massive shows should be. Breathtaking and brilliant.



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"It's great to see you again - well, some of you at least."


I'm pretty sure it was Dom that said that not Matt. I think he said "some of you, hopefully"


Can't see anything wrong with that actually. I like that they don't really do the rock star persona thing and are just themselves.


Anyway nice review, thanks for posting. :)

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I wish they hadn't bothered with the UFO - it just looked so bad :LOL:.


Pretty standard review though :).


it was so fucking spinal tap. :facepalm: it was ok when the acrobat fell out of it but it just looked like a big tinfoil balloon.


the "some of you at least" was obviously "some of you from the previous wembley shows" not "i only like some of you and the rest of you are bastards." tchhh.

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Does anyone know where I could buy copy of this Evening standard? :)


yeah just go past any tube station at around 5pm-9pm and they should be giving it out outisde the station...u always get the odd indian guy shouting "evening standard" in their accent looool

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