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Rock‘n Roll Hall of fame

Claudia O

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The 2023 nominees (usually around 15) for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame could be announced in February. Voting for the short-listed nominees by fans will take place soon thereafter.  Radiohead was nominated in 2018 and inducted in its second year of eligibility in 2019.   Some acts like Depeche Mode, The Cure, Duran Duran and Eurythmics must wait and finally got inducted after 10-15 years of eligibility. Coldplay is eligible in 2024.

Unofficial possible criteria  for induction:

Musical Excellence/Artistic Merit

Inspiration/Influence on other artists



Critical Acclaim


Body of Work/Oeuvre


Live Performance Reputation

Career Longevity

Awards and Nominations (Grammys, The Brits, Ivor Novello)


Social Conscience and Commentary

Fan Voting/Popularity 

Commerical Success (Concert ticket sales and album sales)

Possible 2023 Nominees (Most of the artists below will likely become nominees or be inducted in the coming years):

Kate Bush

Dionne Warwick


Iron Maiden


King Crimson

MUSE (First time eligible)

QOTSA (First time eligible)

Missy Elliott (First time eligible)

Destiny's Child (First time eligible)

The White Stripes (First time eligible)


Alice In Chains

Dave Matthews Band

Jane's Addiction

Sonic Youth

Smashing Pumpkins

Jeff Buckley



Phil Collins

George Michael

Billy Idol

Bryan Adams

John Mayer

Mariah Carey


Cyndi Lauper

Sheryl Crow

Melissa Etheridge

Roberta Flack

Rufus/Chaka Khan

A Tribe Called Quest


Kool & The Gang

Mary J. Blige

Alanis Morissette


Salt N Peppa


Joy Division/New Order

The Smiths

Tears For Fears





Loretta Lynn

Patsy Cline

Willie Nelson

Glen Campbell

Garth Brooks

J. Geils Band

Bad Company


Three Dog Night

The Turtles

The Monkees


New York Dolls

Fela Kuti

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British artists Kate Bush, Iron Maiden, George Michael and Joy Division/New Order made the short list along with first-year eligible American artists The White Stripes and Missy Elliott.  Matt met Jack White at the recent iHeartRadio ALTer Ego gig in Los Angeles last month. 

MUSE deserve to be recognized but may have to wait a few years to get on the ballot and be inducted perhaps sometime in the late 2020's or 2030's. Coldplay will likely not have to wait that long.

You can vote for whom you think should be inducted in 2023 at the link below:


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Among the diverse 2023 inductees announced today are Willie Nelson, George Michael, Kate Bush and Rage Against The Machine while Iron Maiden and Soundgarden missed out even though they ranked in the Top 5 in the fan voting.  

Coldplay and MUSE were both eligible this year but could be nominated in 2024.  IMO Iron Maiden and Motörhead also deserve to be inducted.

In a message shared on their social media, RATM wrote:

"It is a surprising trajectory for us to be welcomed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 1991, four people in Los Angeles formed a musical group to stand where sound and solidarity intersect. We called ourselves Rage Against the Machine.

"A band who is as well known for our albums as we are for our fierce opposition to the U.S. war machine, white supremacy and exploitation...

"A band whose experimentation in fusing punk, rock and hip-hop became a genre of its own.

"Many thanks to the Hall of Fame for recognizing the music and the mission of Rage Against the Machine. We are grateful to all of the passionate fans, the many talented co-conspirators we've worked with and all the activists, organizers, rebels and revolutionaries past, present and future who have inspired our art."

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