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Bridge over troubled water

Claudia O

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It‘s out! I like it, yes, but nobody can top the original. 

It‘s beautiful, I‘d love to hear it live! Imagine, Matt and his guitar, in a tiny club ... doing an accoustic session .. yes, it could work! Even in Corona-times .. he‘d have to do month and month of sold-out tiny gigs 😅😂 I‘ll be there, but please in Austria!! 

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Along with U2's Where The Streets Have No Name, Bridge Over Troubled Water is my favourite song of all time so I consider myself lucky to see Matt give both of them a go!

His version of Bridge and feels different enough from the original (the guitar intro is lovely) but he omitted some sections and sings the wrong lyric in the final section, which puzzles me.

Good vocals though, I had a feeling he would lower it by a half step but he does a fine job of the extended note at the end. I hope he considers playing it live (preferably on the piano) at some point in the future :)

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I  appreciate and enjoy it. Would be very nice to see live in an intimate setting.

I suppose, when commenting on a cover, one has to mention how it compares to the original, and this doesn't come close, but that's totally ok. For some reason I've rarely been on board with Matt's post-BHaR sincere voice and this is not one of the exceptions. Must be a personal thing, it's not a judgement of quality by any means. Anyway, I'm very happy with his 2020 solo releases, keep them coming! 


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