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who's got sheet music of "piano thing"?


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this sheet music was ripped from a midi file, its not proper music, and it cant be read :p anything else? the mcirocuts file doesnt seem to work for me either.

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Hi, I just wanted to know if you had the piano sheet of hurricanes and butterflies


Well, thanks.

hey don't know if your still looking for the sheet music for butterflies but the general gist of it starts on a D minor chord adding the major 7th and descending chromatically with the added note. Does that for a while b4 doing the same on an A. Then the feel good build up build alternates between Bb and F. The solo is ingenoisly simple and plays an arpeggiated D major right up and down the piano then a C minor then an Eb Minor and repeats for the main bit. Hope that gives you a general outline obv thats majorly simplified. Hope it helps.

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