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  1. Lucky guys nd gals who went last night. Makes me almost think about attending a similar gig if they did one. Not seen them live in 7 years now! I miss my youth.
  2. Well almost all foreign bands (western) will 2 japanese gigs at most. Tokyo and maybe Osaka, possibly more than one gig in each city. The small zepp gig 2 years ago was a one off. For the record, new albums sold in the japanese market are usually around ¥3000. Keeping in mind a rough exchange rate comparison does not take cost of living into account, ¥3000 would get you a 3 hour all you can eat and drink (alcohol) for around 3 hours.
  3. CHEAP?!? Japanese gigs and albums are extortionate! Thats WHY they get rare songs and longer albums! And Im not anymore, not that thats at all relevant to what i said anyway...
  4. Wembley 11/9/10, they played 24 songs, including many rare and great tracks, insanely awesome production, 3 class support acts incl biffy clyro, for £50. A pox on you fools who pay £70 plus for an arena gig.
  5. Assuming Muse are aware of everyones opinions, the only logical assumption would be that they hate you and wanna see you squirm when they tease you then drop Resistance
  6. Not such a pwoper muser after all!
  7. ... for them? Jesus, how one would tire of playing the same thing every night for god knows how many years. Aside from that, for Europeans, deciding which gig or festival to go to? If you've got Werchter, Pinkpop and Pukklepop all in the similar area, all 3 of which will get different audiences, why wouldn't you shake it up? And with something like 130 songs released, why on earth wouldn't you want to shake it up? How fucking boring would it be if they played they same bloody setlist every day for a year... Bands that hit a sweet spot meaning that they play all the songs you want to hear? I wonder how many fans at those gigs left dissapointed that they heard very little of what they wanted to hear... And stop calling the old songs 'fan favs', its implying that those who want to here newer or poppier tracks aren't real fans (and by god, they outnumber us significantly) Because, as you repeatedly point out, Matt isn't in great shape. He's also getting on a bit, and on top of his incredibly strenous vocal duties, he plays guitar and piano as well. Maybe they've longer songs, maybe they don't want to play an extra 8-10 songs, which would add up to several hundred extra every years? Who knows.
  8. I'm glad you found a place to upload this.
  9. I don't really think I have anything original to add to what your saying anymore. They're touring an album, not "The Best of". And rotating the setlist, especially my latter rotation, may not please you, but Resistance and Madness are 2 of 4 number 1s they've had in the states, the majority of people at a concert (not to be confused with the majority on this forum) will and do want to hear them.
  10. Inconsistent? Is that another way of saying they shake up their setlists a lot? Really, it entirely depends on what music you like as to whether there setlists are 'inconsistent' are 'exictingly different from gig to gig and tour to tour'. You may hate FG, USoE, resistance and madness, but a lot of people probably love them. I feel like im trotting out the same arguement on a regular basis on this forum, but isn't that the point of rotating your setlists all the time like they do? To make sure all fans get a large a chunk as possible of what they want to hear? Sometimes its repears, stockholm and PiB, sometimes its resistance and madness?
  11. Its 2015 Starshite and SMBH came out 2006 PiB cane out 2001 Why are you surprised PiB is dropped more than the former 2? EDIT: 5 years ago I bet you any one of us would have said PiB is too big and too well known to get dropped.
  12. It's been 14 years since it was released and since then theyve released something like 5 and a half hours of new music. Of course it's going to start to fade. For me at least, its not one of those songs you wont get bored of after seeing it 10 times. Its unrealistic (and perhaps a little unfair) to expect muse to still trot out all their ooooold old hits when theyve been realising music since that time, which is longer than some of people who can't believe its being dropped have been alive!
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