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Youtube Muse Copyright Issue


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OK, let's recap here.


1: you are against Muse now, after being a fan for 8 years, and now you are stopping because WMG stopped your YouTube video from being watchable?

2: you think Muse has any rights to say against WMG about copyright, w/o them being dropped out of the contract?

3: You think it's Muse fault that it happended?




1: You're not a real Muse fan if you actually stop being a Muse fan because of that

2: They don't have those rights

3: It isn't their fault


Now stop being such a bottom and OR be a Muse fan OR stop posting useless posts about you stopping being a Muse fan and/or complaining about a subject which has been complained too much about.

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Thanks for the tip,


So what you are saying is. no matter which way you slice it and deflect the issue onto WMG basically MUSE are just another proxy puppet for the established world order with no real voice of their own. Their ring masters, who own their souls are WMG who tell them what to do and how to do it.


Everything they espouse, write and sing about is purely a gimmick, a fake with no real intention just empty words.


So much for uprising, resistance, city of delusion, exopolitics, the small print, ruled by secrecy etc. Just empty words, to fill up the coffers.


Disappointed Muse fan.


Did anyone say that? Muse sings about what they believe in. Muse doesn't know your video was blocked.

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