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Muse Cartoons- Part Two!

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Guest Octazooka
Holy crap, I can't believe I'm doing this.

First of all, thanks to everyone who's read and enjoyed the comic that I recently finished! That and all the toony Muse thingies I did during that period can be found here.

Second, I think it's important to say that I have no idea how long this comic will be (the last one was 62 pages :eek: ), and that I'm extremely anxious about making the decision to continue it. There are loads of other little projects that I want to be doing, too, and also lots of school work this year. I'm not sure if I'll stay interested enough to finish this, but I hope I do. So if I decide to not finish it, don't say I didn't warn you. :p Anything could happen.


That said, here's the cover to the second "episode" of the weird and wacky comic, Adventures With Muse, that I create because I don't think I have a life. :LOL:



(Haha, for those who know how to read Japanese, at least katakana, I thought you'd appreciate the title.)

Page 1 will follow soon!


I have a few goals with this one. One of them, and I know people are going to hate me for this, is to completely parody anime/manga. I can't deny that I've been influenced by the style myself, but OH MY GOD it's just annoying me these days. I can't stand it. So I'm going to release my frustration in a nonviolent way, through comics. Ha.




Niceee! :D I can read Katakana, thank goodness :LOL:

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holy mumma, just read ALL of part one, that was fantastic man, especially consideringg you weree..omg like the same age as ME around that time :eek:... and i SUCK compared to that.

crazy :p

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