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    I'm having a mad love affair with Sharpies.
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    Drawing, theater, singing, music (I play piano and sax), writing, being artsy-fartsy in general.
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    The Beatles, Coldplay, Daft Punk, Franz Ferdinand, Guster, Porcupine Tree, Simon and Garfunkel, SPICE FUCKING GIRLS yessss.

    Berlioz, Liszt, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, John Williams
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    The Soup, Doctor Who, South Park, random History Channel stuff
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    Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Hullabaloo, Absolution, Black Holes and Revelations = CDs

    Inside the Muscle Museum (lolz) and Absolution Tour = DVDs
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    @ SOMA in San Diego, July 2006
    @ The Joint in the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, September 2006

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  2. Hi, on my mobile, no wifi. Absolutely can't access the board on wifi today and for much of yesterday, and I also saw the weird "authentication" messages.
  3. have you read Forming? I ordered the first volume of it after hearing it is a project of someone associated with Adventure Time. So far it is pretty great. I think it may be a web comic online, but the physical book is pretty goddamn impressive.

  4. Was going through old photos and found this one I had taken in Paris in 2011, aww being a creeper: Also found 2011 stuff from part of a larger thing where I was messing with disposable cameras and hoping for light leaks: I have a nice Nikon, but I really only use it for art documentation and creating specific, detailed references or photographic components of broader projects... like this glitter stuff:
  5. Have to say i LOVE your comic! More of this please!


  6. I FUCKING LIKE IT AHHHHHHH I was really bummed out by Resistance, so I think I especially feel relieved about this album, haha. I wasn't too happy with the officially released songs beforehand, or at least I was hoping they wouldn't be completely representative of what was on the album. There is a lot of melodic kinship on this album (esp. in "Supremacy" and "Animals") with melodies from OOS, even OOS b-sides (I think it was "Nature_1" that part of "Supremacy" reminded me of). The guitar on much of the album reminds me of OOS as well. These similarities don't seem repetitive, though. It's definitely exciting to hear them again alongside very new styles for Muse, without either dominating the album or being drowned out by the new things. "Panic Station" weirds me out, though. I think they need to perform it with Prince, that would make more sense.
  7. I dun made another painting! You can buy prints and shizz (like fancy iPhone cases) of it through Society6: http://society6.com/MaraCruvant/Blown-d2l_Print Mmmmm acrylics. I'm making friends with them. Have used them for a few years, but only now am I restricting myself to them, partly because I don't have too many safety resources for oil painting right now, but also because I automatically go for oils and sort of neglect acrylics.
  8. Recently completed this painting, acrylic on canvas panel: IF YOU REEEEALLY LIKE IT... you can buy an affordable, high-quality print of it! Or stationery cards! Or iPod cases and skins! http://society6.com/MaraCruvant/Everything-Will-Be-Okay-8mT_Print You know you wanna.
  9. I posted in Banter in regards to your epic music quest

  10. WOW! I absolutely loved your comic! Well done!:awesome:

  11. Ahoy! How's the sunburn? Better, I hope!

  12. i read your comic in the gallery and i absolutely LOVED IT

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