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Found 16 results

  1. We want Muse to throw a concert in Bangkok, Thailand here in 2011 as a part of their gigs tour. After that huge disappointment of the gig in 2008 that had to be canceled, more Muse fans are born here and Muse's songs are on MTV, Channel V, International FM's,etc. more often! In other words, Muse is really famous in Thailand now! Please come! I can't bare getting obsessed with Matt, Chris and Dom via Youtube, DVD concerts anymore. We need you here! So if you're Thai or live in Thailand, pleasee reveal yourself to show them that there are lots and lots of us that want Muse here! ) Must plays: 1) New Born 2) Stockholm Syndrome +Agitated Outro <(PLEASE!) 3) Time is Running Out 4) Knights of Cydonia 5) Map of the Problematique and some hardly performed songs like Sunburn, Citizen Erased, Dead Star, Bliss, etc. etc. =)
  2. Dislaimer: None of this is meant to be offensive and or personal. It's probably only suitable for adults. Seeing as KnT no longer has a banter thread, and i'm not going to lower myself to the standards of the masses, I will use this thread as an outlet for my rythmic rhyming raps. I was walking down the road when I noticed a rat I stopped to say hello, he said his name was Matt (ME) "I knew it, I recognised you, you're Matt Bellamy!" (RAT) "Don't be so offensive, what the fuck are you tellin' me?" (RAT) "I look nothing like that cunt, i've got a big tail" (RAT) "That doesn't stop his fans sending me his hate-mail" I felt really bad, Muse had ruined his life All he ever wanted was a little ratty wife A peaceful existence away from rock 'n' roll This look-alike business had really taken it's toll Groupies and emos, and real rock fans They all want a piece of this little rat-man I took him on home to try and cheer him up Extra herbs in his roll-ups, extra sugar in his cup This rat was miserable, depressed, it was really rough I decided there and then that this guy had had enough I won't lie, I almost cried, my decision was tough I squashed him with my foot into a little pile of mush
  3. Hello! :) Is anyone from Belarus here?!
  4. found this interesting little vid on youtube the glitterati takes flight
  5. This site always produces the best fucking pranks on April Fools day. This yeah, nothing. Or at least nothing that's really caught my attention. What happened?
  6. We're very pleased to announce that Muse will be headlining this year's Reading and Leeds festivals. The band will close the main stage on Friday August 26th in Leeds and on Sunday August 28th in Reading. At the festival, to celebrate 10 years since the release of Origin Of Symmetry, Muse will be playing songs from this album alongside others spanning their career to date. Not only this, but they'll also be bringing a whole new stage production that will only be used for these two performances. To buy tickets for Reading and Leeds, click on the link below or for more information check out the muse.mu tour dates. Source: http://muse.mu/news/article/749/muse-to-headline-reading-and-leeds-festival/
  7. To celebrate Muse's forthcoming tour of Australia, Triple J, Channel V, Video Hits and Faster Louder have all been running competitions for Muse fans to submit videos of their own interpretations of Plug In Baby! The winners have been chosen and those that are available to view online are below for you to see. Enjoy! CHANNEL V WINNER: ANNE COBAL CHANNEL V RUNNER UP: TAYLOR HOBBS VIDEO HITS WINNER: RICAH EHLERS VIDEO HITS RUNNER UP: JAMIE TULAU FASTER LOUDER WINNER: JACK SHEPHERD FASTER LOUDER RUNNER UP: FINN LANGHAM Source: http://muse.mu/news/article/727/australian-tour-competition-winners/
  8. Hola! Soy de Republica Dominicana Y amo MUSE. Ojala y nos visiten pronto. Si hay algun dominicano que entre aqui que postee.
  9. Porque tienen que venir a Chile teloneando a U2???? Si ustedes son lo maximo, y somos muchisimos los que queremos verlos solo a ustedes?? Porque nos hacen esto???
  10. Oke, wonderful beloved ladies and fine handsome gentlemen, the rest will be in fries-and-mayonaise dutch.... Mijn allercharmanste mede musertjes en stoere musers, allemaal al een klein beetje afgekicked van de allerbeste GIG in Rotterdam? Dan wordt het nu tijd om ons klaar te gaan maken voor Wembley. COUNTDOWN http://www.culture42.co.uk/random_stuff/muse_clock.html Level1 (algemeen), L2(zit) en L5(zit) kaarten: http://www.wembleystadium.com/brilliantfuture/accessforAll/insidewembleystadium.htm (ander Wembely seating plan: http://www.eventtravel.com/cms/display_seatingplan.aspx?seatingplan_objid=6) Meer op http://www.wembleystadium.com/default.aspx (neem alvast een kijkje) Sfeer impressie: Kan proberen hier alvast de musertjes bij te houden die er door komen en van plan zijn te gaan. Tips en trucs en dates, deel ze hier. Welk vliegveld en hoe kom je bij Wembley: http://www.wembleystadium.com/gettingtowembley/internationalroutes/ Misschien kunnen we groepskorting bij RyanAir krijgen **** Travel updates ***** ***OVERNACHTING*** We hebben een mogelijkheid voor 25eu/nacht in de redelijke nabijheid van Wembley (OV). Hiervoor moeten we wel snel beslissen. Dus alles die hier van gebruik willen maken: PM Fadeaway of gjs *** REIZEN *** De meeste vliegreizigers boeken nu via Easyjet. Prijzen VANAF ca 80eu p.p. (retour) Een van de meest geboekte vluchten tot nog toe (EJ heeft meerdere vetrektijden en bestemmingen): 10 sep 2010 Amsterdam Tot Londen Stansted vlucht 3002 ;vertr. 10 sep 2010 9:30 aank. 10 sep 2010 9:35 12 sep 2010 Londen Stansted Tot Amsterdam vlucht 3001 ;vertr. 12 sep 2010 8:10 aank. 12 sep 2010 10:15 ** Van en naar Stansted http://www.stanstedairport.com/portal/page/Stansted%5EGeneral%5ETo+and+from+Stansted%5ETo+and+from+London/925a92b57c77d110VgnVCM10000036821c0a____/448c6a4c7f1b0010VgnVCM200000357e120a____/ Nog wel reiskosten Stansted-London vv. meerekenen: Duurt ongeveer een uurtje met bus(je) vanaf stansted, prijzen gemiddeld GBP 9 (2-15). EasyBus doet het vanaf 3 pond, maar op zondag vind je dat (terug)tarief nooit (15GBP). boeken via de site, maar je moet ook de bustijd oplannen. http://www.easybus.co.uk/ Met de trein: • Treinen vertekken elke 15 minuten. • Gemiddelde reisduur 46 minuten naar Liverpool Street en 35 minuten naar Tottenham Hale. • Express class enkele reis £18 (korting bij online). HEATHROW Met BMI (ca 120 euro) en British Airways (ca 130) lijk je het voordeligst uit op Heathrow. Vanaf Heatrow ben je voordeliger uit met het OV (tov Stansted). Dus prijs verschil zal uiteindelijk niet super groot zijn. Schat 20-30 eu. **** Met de trein is ook een goed alternatief. Voor 99,- euro retour vanaf elk station in Nederland. 5 tot 7x per dag. Bestemming is station London St. Pancras Int. Reistijd indicatie: vanaf Utrecht CS, duurt de reis 5:30 uur. 2 x overstappen. Check de NS internationaal reissite. http://www.nshispeed.nl/nl/onze-bestemmingen/engeland/londen-met-de-trein#link=tb9 ***************** Voor een reis naar Engeland hebt u geldige identiteitspapieren nodig. Een geldig paspoort of identiteitsbewijs is voldoende voor staatsburgers van de Europese Unie. Meer tips: http://board.muse.mu/showpost.php?p=6794194&postcount=278 -------------------------------------------------------- Musertjes 4 Wembley (please PM your intended attendence!): BabyBliss (+LuxQueen) Bl44t44p (+2) control DavidV diluna (+1) Elenor. (+3) Fadeaway ** with a little help of my friends ** Fiona84 (+5) gjs (+1?) hucksy! iris_ice *Jeanet* LaSpliff Lazlo LeonieNL Luxemburger Queen (+BabyBliss) ** hoewel een Luxje uit Glasgow toch meegeteld Man 0f Mystery MegaBleek MerelV (+1) MindStorm MitzMuse MusEEsuM *OoS* (L2/+?) ** spreekt nederlands ;-) ** P@tty (+1) philirocks (+7) (neemt zijn familie mee??) Pimz pleione Scar Shrinking Universe sophie.c Tafkab Vegetable viniris ... ---------------------- CREDITS / CHECK: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/2870698
  11. Kung fu movies have a long history and are also increasing in popularity today. Although Hong Kong still leads the way in producing this genre, they are enjoyed worldwide and millions of people watch them every year. Over the years there have been several different styles portrayed. There are serious kung fu movies and the very light-hearted comical versions. Both types are popular and judging by recent box office successes, filmmakers will continue to create this style of movie for years to come. When the original kung fu movies were made there were no CGI effects and a great deal of time and skill went into the movies. Chinese movie makers were the first to see the potential that CGI gave them and enabled them to create even more amazing movies. Fans felt that this took away the core element of the movies. Many are happy that, over the last few years, the original techniques and styles are returning. The use of hidden wires is being used and that is kind of rare today. Some of the better kung fu movies are the ones that tell a story and are often set in old China town. These capture the audience from the beginning and carry them through the movie. The amazing martial arts techniques and moves are great entertainment and fun to watch. They have a style that no other film genre can capture and this is what makes them so popular. The best kung fu movie? That could be the subject of much debate, but movies like Hero, House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon have only increased audience appetite for more martial arts movies. Many have been huge box office hits and have won several awards. They have also increased the popularity of great legends such as Jackie Chan. More and more people are watching these movies and enjoying them. You will find that once you begin to watch kung fu movies then you will be desperate for the sequel to come out in the cinemas. Even Disney managed to appeal to the younger audiences with films like Kung Fu Panda. This created an interest in martial arts in the younger generation. Who knows if the film directors are producing these films to encourage more people to take up the sport or purely for ratings and awards? They will continue to make them and make them very well to encourage people to want to watch them. The skill and level of movie making is amazing and these films will continue to capture their audiences. Whether you are a fan or simply appreciate an amazing film, future productions of this genre are ones to watch and enjoy.
  12. hi, this is my tribute to Muse, hope you like and feel free to share with your friends and comment the video!your feedback is important. greetings from Portugal and long live to this fantastic band!
  13. Bonjour bonjour! chers amis francophones je vous propose ma traduction des paroles de 'Falling Away With You' dites moi ce que vous en pensez ! = ) Disparaitre avec toi Etais-je heureux? Je n’m’en souviens plus Des instants de bonheur perdu Les ai-je vraiment jamais eus ? Tout cet amour laissé d’coté Témoins de passés entr’mêlé Souvenirs à jamais gâchés Rien d’autre m’importe je t’aimerai Oublie les erreurs que j’ai faites Notre vie vient juste de renaitre Notre vie vient juste de renaitre Et je sens mon monde s’écrouler Je sens ma vie s’écrouler Je sens mon âme se disloquer Et puis disparaître Disparaître avec toi Et debout pour chasser un rêve Goutant l’air échappé de tes lèvres Je ne pourrai rien oublier Je prierai et t’embrasserai Regardant nos fantasmes périr Jamais rien ne sera comme avant Tout cet amour jeté au vent Et tous nos faux espoirs se meurent Faisant les mêmes erreurs Faisant les mêmes erreurs Et je sens mon monde s’écrouler Je sens ma vie s’écrouler Je sens mon âme se disloquer Et puis disparaître Disparaître avec toi Tout cet amour laisse d’coté Témoins de passés entr’mêlé Souvenirs à jamais gâchés Souvenirs à jamais gâchés
  14. Australia is getting attacked by drop bears. . \THEY ARE REAL !!
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