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Does anyone know how to get a camera in the position as a "guitar cam"

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Hey, I was looking to get my camera into a position like this.


I know that my camera needs to be attached to my headstock, and I'm finding that position is the hardest part, I'm going to need to raise my camera away from my guitar to get a decent angle on the neck, otherwise nothing is visible past fret 3 and therefore pointless...


What I was thinking of doing is screwing/bolting some steel brackets onto the very top of my guitar, and screwing my camcorder onto that with it's hole for the tripod?


Not sure if it would work, I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas.


PS Tape isn't an option, it's this camcorder


Cheers guys :D



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Hmm that could work, not sure if we have any I'll have to look, I don't reckon I'd get a good angle with those though, what I was thinking of is using steel brackets, I'll have to try and get a picture of what I'm thinking of...


Chuck one of these on the headstock:






Or hire one of these...:





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Don't spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar.


Those look pretty cool :D I might have to get one of those when I have money...


but i think for this guitar I'll just go for the bracket option... when I get money I plan on making my own guitar using a warmoth body + neck etc, so I'll definitely keep that as a bookmark, cause I really don't wanna be drilling into that beauty ;)

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don't do it :facepalm:


it d'oesnt take a oracle to see that that will scratch your guitar to shit...


and damage your camcorder if your not careful...




Cling-film shrink wrapped?


Hey it'll only scratch the back of the headstock! And I don't plan on selling it on, so it's all gravy, Cling film could be good but I don't think it'd get the same effect (and if you saw how much the camcorder stuck off the end of the headstock you'd probably agree with me that it wouldn't work), it needs something that'll take the cam away from the head (so that it can look ONTO the neck, instead of looking DOWN it)


I'll definitely keep the clingfilm idea in mind though, as I could use that to keep the cam onto the bracket! :D

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You're gonna do all that just to have a guitar cam view?


i... i just... nevermind


Hell yeah I'm extravagant :D


I eventually got it sorted, I ended up using my capo, attaching a pair of nail clippers onto the handle (who would have thought?! :awesome:), then attaching my webcam onto that, oh and a fuck load of cellotape. Home DIY ftw :LOL:

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