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Request: Copyright Info


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This is a rather unusual request but hopefully you can help me out.

I'm currently working on a school project involving flash animation and a slide show. I was hoping to use one of the bands songs as backing music. My teacher requires that i dont infringe any copyright rules. This will not be posted to any website and will only be viewed by myself and the teacher.


So am i clear to use the bands material?


Cheers in advance.

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afaik, with most bands, it's ok to use their songs in school projects to some extent....


As far as i know, the main things to make sure, is:

1. That you actually bought a copy of the song in the first place. For example, if you wanted to use New Born, you'd have to own a copy of Origin of Symmetry, or the single etc etc.


2. It has to be a non-profit thing. If you're charging people in to see your presentation, you've the whole issue of royalties etc etc.


3. You have to credit them in the credits. This is actually a big one. I found out the hard way that if you don't do that, the college can actually get you for plagiarism. In my college, it's at the examiner's discression as to how severely punishable it is. In my case, i forgot to mention a Sigur Ros song in the closing credits of a presentation and one of the three lecturers marking me gave me 35, while the other two gave me 85. It totally brought down my mark big time. Fortunately, i got the chance to fix that before my final submission.


Thats all i know about it anyway. It really does vary from company to company. I'd say you'll get away with it, as long as it's strictly a college thing. If it's a competition entry or anything public, you're best off contacting Warner directly.

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You're not infringing on copyright in any way if you are not displaying it publicly or making a profit from it (ie selling it as your own)...as it seems, you are doing neither of these.


Also, if you're school is covered by license on the PRS then play what you want to the whole school or at parents evening to your little hearts content


Of course as said, put them in the credits.

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