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  1. I'll be pointing my Misguided Warning stick at you in a minute if you don't stop being a bellend. Pack it in.
  2. This is in big, red letters so you know I'm srs guys, ABSOLUTELY NO ASKING FOR LINKS TO LEAKS, WHERE TO GO TO FIND LINKS FOR LEAKS, GIVING LINKS, OFFERING TO PM LINKS OR THAT KIND OF THING. Anyone breaking this rule will be getting an infraction or possible ban.
  3. Just remember I can ban you again now ;)


    Come over. We are doing fireworks and food and you can have some of Aino's baked goods that I will only share with you cos I do love your face.

  4. I've got everything back now so I will crack on with the backlogs next week. Woohoo!
  5. Sorry! Old computer died, eventually got a new one, had to relearn windows cos I had a mac before, and been ill for a while, realised I haven't got my admin access passwords, trying to sort that out right now, I will get to everything very soon, probably next week as I'm away at the weekend! Life has been a shit recently!
  6. Heart heart heart heart heart hi hi hi.

  7. You've seen me without makeup though so that would make us even :p


    This bird is taking up well too much of the time you could spend gazing upon my boobies!


    Srs doe, iduncurr about your panda face. If you want me, I'm there. *cuddles*

  8. Because you know I can't draw for shit? :LOL:


    Aww my lovely :( I can come see you if you like? Or you can come see me and I'll petrol Max up? I want to look after you!

  9. I can't even with you anymore. Can't. Even. Are you now suggesting that you are somehow being oppressed by us here on a privately owned message board that you use at your own personal choice?
  10. but it's not a society. It's a messageboard. We could very easily decide to ban everyone. Or make the board private. Or take down the board entirely. Wipe it. Ban all off-topic. Create swearing filters. Make a secret area of the board where you could only see if you could prove you had been a fan since Showbiz. I'm not sure I'm getting your point here. We could do a lot of things, but we don't.
  11. As I said, it's not your ban, it's a messageboard that he has been banned from. He's not been beaten up and thrown in jail. I am not sure why you are making this an issue when it isn't anything to do with you. If you have a situation where you are banned or infracted and you wish to discuss it, of course I would go through it with you if you asked but it's not! Oh, he knew. He completely knew. Which is why he replied to the ban email the way he did instead of "I'm not really sure what happened here, can we discuss it?".
  12. In principle, yes, but if, for example, I had decided that I had a headache and couldn't be bothered to talk to you anymore, I could absolutely go and ban you. But that would appear in the mod area, and I would be questioned over it. That's the point, and that's why that doesn't happen.
  13. Dude, it's not your ban. It's not your concern. I don't really understand why you are trying to argue this so much.
  14. I do completely see your point, but I don't want to start to have to do that. It will mean more work, more kick off and probably more questions. As I said, we are happy to discuss with the user in question, I don't really understand why anyone else is concerned with someone else's ban anyway, especially in this case where the reaction to the ban email was something along the lines of "lol ur gay".
  15. It's not power. It's a messageboard. It's just a messageboard. No one has to be here.
  16. But then it has been shown, and people will still argue the toss, and are still arguing the toss.
  17. You want it to be a public service? We will make the board subscription only and turn it into a job instead of a volunteer service.
  18. Alright, so let's put it this way. We are all unpaid volunteers with other irl obligations. As I said, I have been modding/admin for about 9-10 years or so. The people that work on the board put in hours and hours of their spare time for free (possibly the odd gig ticket, but this doesn't pay bills or put food on the table, and if you can't afford to travel to a gig, as I haven't been able to for the past couple of years, you don't get the perk). We already have more than enough work to do without having to go through everything with people when someone objects to something that isn't directly to do with them. It's simply not feasible. There have been instances where we have pulled this kind of info for people when shit's kicked off over a ban, but it really doesn't solve anything because people will still argue. The points infraction warning system was brought in in an effort to track previous behaviours and for the mod team to try to be more consistant. Whenever a user is warned/infracted, either by a post or their profile, we have a record of it in an area of the clubhouse. No one is able to take action without the rest of the team seeing it. This is a very large board with lots of posts every day. The end fact of it is, you don't have to trust us, but as a member of this board, I am asking you to. As you have said, there have been fuck ups in the past, and mods have been pulled up on them and a discussion has been had. This is why there are admins and mods, Niall and I keep an eye on what's going on, and if people dislike the general board rules or the way things are run, then that's really just too bad. There are people that love this board, have been here years, have been here a small amount of time but enjoy it. I said this before, the board isn't going to collapse in on itself because one user has been banned, or that would have happened long before now.
  19. Given his actions after the ban, I don't really regret the decision that was made and, in fact, just backed up the point that he was out to cause trouble. He could have contacted us sensibly, people have done this in the past, but he chose to register two new accounts and be a twat about it.
  20. You're missing the point here, I feel. This is a messageboard, as you know. There is a team who run it and make decisions for the users here. We have been doing this for a really long time and people have been banned and sometimes other users are not happy about this, yet the board keeps going. We aren't a public service, we are unpaid volunteers that aren't accountable to the members of the board when it comes to the decisions we make and are therefore under no obligation to explain every action to everyone. The user in question gets notified about action taken against them, it's not for everyone else to debate. I know this might sound harsh, but I'm trying to put it in very plain terms.
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