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What are your names?

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I'm really sick of calling you all by your usernames and I'm sick of being called Raining_Muses :LOL:


My name is Taylor. :D


Raining_Muses: Taylor

Calliope.: Liz

Douchey McDouche: Sam/Sammy

xxatlowxx: Katie

About 27 Shockwaves: Angelia/Ang

seraphrevan: Jesse

Tofu: Allison (Tofu)

Sapphi: Alejandra/Ale/Cerveza

Kirby: Kirby

pwoper_muse_lover: Emma

Nutmegs: Megan/Megs


Who are you? :p

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my name is Alejandra, but i prefer that people calls me Ale (but some friends discovered what the hell means "ale" in english and now some of them calls me "cerveza" (beer in spanish, well i think that's the same thing, isn't it?) anyway, call me Ale

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