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    Muse, Chancho en Piedra, Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, Rage Against the Machine, Queen, etc etc.
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    House, The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who
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    Martian Chronicles, 1984, Foundation; I, Robot
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    Showbiz CD
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    Movistar Arena, Santiago, Chile, 15/10/2015
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  1. I lol'd when I read "O'Higgins Parque" Anyway, can't wait for October
  2. You know you're addicted to Muse when... -you read Nineteen Eighty-Four because of the references in Muse songs -you've just rediscovered this forum after... 3 years, I think, and begin to remember lots of stuff about this -you're upset because the band hasn't come to your country in 2 years...
  3. ALE espero k todo este bien y k este 2012 sea mejor para ti!!!

  4. very quick, let's see what I missed, thanks
  5. Happy Christmas :)

  6. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays! <3 :) ---

    Love, Mimi

  7. YKYATMW you're trying to annoy Cleverbot and... User: What's your favorite Muse song? Cleverbot: My favorite muse song is time is running out. User: I think I'm drowing. Cleverbot: Asphyxiating, I want to break this spell that you created. User: You're something beautiful, a contradiction. Cleverbot: A contradiction. User: I wanna play the game. Cleverbot: I just lost it . User: I want the friction. Cleverbot: I'm not good at games. User: It was time is running out lyrics. Cleverbot: That is true.
  8. Hooooooooooliiiiiiiiii

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