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What about at the Getty Museum overlooking the city(should be behind us in the video). There are quite a few places in it that make for great picture/video taking;

For example:







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It could be either, but I don't think there is much light around there at night.


I envision us as a group singing the 'SIA's" one at a time and from different shots of the observatory. Adn there's never a crowd there really, so it would be easy for us to pull it off. - I've posted different pics of Griffith Observatory in my group profile.


Black and white could also be cool - just thinking out loud



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who's filming us? i vote we meet in the evening...before dusk. if we film right as the sun is going down-ish i think that would look cool. also beautify any smog we have settling around.

does august 1st or 2nd work for anyone? drinks after?


i like the dressing in black and white idea....


are we actually singing? or will it just be lip synched with the track?


somebody tell me what to do! ;)


great pics of the observatory btw :awesome:

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Either August 1st or 2nd works for me. I'll be driving in from San Diego, so no drinks after :O/


Black and white outfits - perfect! I was also thinking about filming in Black and White....


Can we all exchange phone numbers just in case? I don't know what anyone looks like and I'll just be tapping on everyone shoulder who is wearing black, white, and black and white and in LA - that's A LOT...heheheh


Dusk works, but can we get into the observatory that late?

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alright then August 1st 6pm meet :)

ya we can drive up

we need the whole gang!!

what are cris and carmen doing that day? :eyebrows:



i hope no one just stops to look at what were doing :facepalm:

"oh is this a music video shoot? :awesome:



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