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    Im korean, I was born in argentina
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    singing, friends, music, making/movies, parkour
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  1. I didn't even catch it when Matt messed up on Uprising, I thought he just started laughing. This was my second time seeing Muse live... omg, amazing. I was in block 333 all the way up on the right of the stage and we were one of the only people going crazy up there. So Animals was played last night?.... I'm gutted, it didn't even cross my mind that they didn't play it considering it's my favorite song from the album. Sunburn was totally unexpected, I misheard Matt as saying "first song of our FOURTH" album, so I thought, "Take a Bow?" Wish they played SS though... NB is so slow now... Chris... Chris can't hang.
  2. So my IEM's came in the mail yesterday... :D:D:D More pictures at http://www.head-fi.org/t/620322/1964-ears-v3-3x-ba-and-3-way-crossover#post_8842515 Just based on sound alone, I'd say 9.5/10. Maybe I'm not used to the signature, or maybe I had unrealistic hopes, but I can't get them to sound BIG, even if I nudge up the volume a bit. Probably just because I'm too used to my Shure's mids and AKG's soundstage size, and these being IEM's aren't really physically capable of producing large soundstage with ease. They're also a bit bloated around 250hz by 2dB, but it's nothing a little EQ can't handle. They also don't extend as deep as I expected them too, but then again, if I wanted the most bass possible out of the 1964 Ears lineup, I should've gone with the Quads. But I'm more of a mids-treble guy, so I don't really mind. As a whole I'd say about 8.5. The only real reason I went with custom IEM's was because of the occlusion effect universal IEM's create when I try to talk/sing with them on. These certainly have less occlusion than my SE215's but there's still a fair amount, so I am a little disappointed. I could send them back and have them lengthen the canal portion by about 1/8 inch, but time will tell if I get used to it. I already knew beforehand that 1964 stopped doing the customized foam insert on the Pelican cases, but that would've just been like the icing on the cake. Maybe if I wasn't so impatient and obsessed while waiting for these, these would've scored a 9.
  3. The first guitar I bought was a crappy beat up no-name superstrat with a "licensed" floyd rose. One of the first things I did was slap a .60 on that sucker and after I adjusted the bridge, the sucker never went out of tune. You just have to make sure you find a way to keep the bridge parallel when you're setting it up.
  4. Bahh, it's just the angle . Plus, he didn't press down on the outside so it looks like a galaxy collision. So... three ears? Wonder where the other ear's located... Anyways, never heard of Blueridge before. Looks nice though. How's it play and sound?
  5. So am I the only one with hands that look like that? Sent the impressions off yesterday to 1964 Ears and I should be getting my triple driver IEM's in about 3 weeks. Only a day passed yet it felt like an eternity.
  6. Must've been pretty cheap then... Skipped my first period (not that kind) of school this morning for an appointment at the audiologist today... Any guesses?
  7. Funny... Jim wasn't it you that had the home-reliced rusty screws? Your sweat could prove valuable to Fender's custom shop.... Sleep with one eye open, lest guitar manufacturers extract your sweat glands in the stillness of your sleep.
  8. Is it possible that the past 3 years of my guitar playing have been utterly fruitless and futile? I still can't play the guitar riff from Hysteria (among many other things, such as SMBH ). I know where my fingers need to go, I know what I'm doing wrong, I know what I should be doing, but no matter how much I try or practice, my fingers don't listen to me. Was I born with an inherent inability to excel in guitar playing?
  9. That is mad sexy. Yours legitimately looks like it has an aluminum top in the first picture.
  10. Thank you very much! I really don't understand how Bellamy can sing that part with all of his might and still have enough air left in him to keep on singing. That part exhausts me. No I was just played because I felt like it.
  11. Tip #1: Never listen to Guitar Center employees. I'm guessing that's an e835? Good mic, but it's a bit pickier with voices than the sm58.
  12. Damn, this brings back memories of when I first joined and no one knew me... Hell, no one still knows me...
  13. I just got a pair too. How you liking them so far? I was gonna get the Westone UM1's, but guitar center doesn't carry them and I knew my mom wouldn't have gotten them for me (don't have a credit card obviously, so even if I have money, it's up to her). I honestly kind of regret getting these instead of the Westones, these are a bit on the muddy side.
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