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Muse France Interview


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Ideal world, 22 minimum.


17 main set

3 encore one

2 encore two


7-8x ST

7-8x 'Classic' singles - Plug In Baby, Time Is Running Out, Hysteria, Starlight, Supermassive, Knights Of Cydonia, Uprising, Madness, Psycho, Mercy.

3-4 'Niche' singles - Sunburn, Muscle Museum, New Born, Bliss, Map, Undisclosed Desires, Follow Me, Supremacy, Dead Inside.

2-3 fan favourites - Showbiz, Citizen Erased, Dead Star, Butterflies, Stockholm, Ruled By Secrecy, Take A Bow, Assassin, MK Ultra, Unnatural Selection, Reapers.

1-2 deep cuts - take your pick


Yep, pretty much this. I'm hoping it'll be a minimum of 22 but trying to stay somewhat realistic given Matt's voice now. If they played songs that were easier for him and didn't play Mercy every night...that'd be a start.


3 piano based songs would be great as well. It needs some love this tour.

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I still think # of songs isn’t necessarily the best measuring stick for show length tbh, I prefer to just go with time nowadays. I think we’ll see around 1hr40-50 min sets at the stadiums, around the length they were hitting for TR and BH&R iirc. Slightly less new album stuff to cover time-wise but that’ll probably balance out with more breaks than those past tours to result in about the same # of songs (20-22).

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Unfortunately when I saw them in Philly for the Drones tour people were pretty amped for the chorus, and I desperately want that song to be dead on this upcoming tour


Hmm, I stand partially corrected then. That one definitely defeats Chris' point, I think. The crowd reaction definitely didn't warrant it to become a staple during the Drones tour.

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