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Hullabaloo Blu-Ray?


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Do you think it would be possible for MUSE to re-release the Hullabaloo concert DVD in 4K or Blu-Ray? I don't know if it is limited due to the company who released it originally, but would totally buy it if it came out for something like... 15th Year Anniversary? (2018) :rolleyes:

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Yep, nope. Hulla's edited to fook anyway so higher quality wouldn't really make it any more watchable for me, personally. I'd love them to do it for HAARP's 10th next year though.


I thought it was just me who found Hullabaloo tricky to watch. If the still have all of the raw footage though, it'd be really interesting to see them "re-cut" it. Performance-wise, it's their best DVD.

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