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2016.08.20 - Rock Am See Festival, Konstanz, Germany


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So, one of the final Muse concerts of the summer is taking place soon in Germany and after wild rumours of setlists by request (which I never believed in) I found out that Matt is actually starting to play the songs that people shout out loud at him (happened with assassin a couple of times at least, but not only). On top of that, now that Drones Tour is officially over and these shows seems to be more "loose"/less "setlist restricted" why not hoping? Who has never written in this forum their dream setlist? Well, I will write mine here (taking into account he show will last 1:45 min according to the event organizer and also not forgetting that Muse have been playing 18-19 songs per show).


So, here goes nothing (Matt, Chris, Dom... even Tom! one of you should better look at this!):


1 - Psycho

2 - Hyper Music

3 - Plug in Baby

4 - Micro Cuts

5 - Hysteria

6 - Map of the Problematique

7 - Fury

8 - Glorious

9 - The Handler

10 - Stockholm Syndrom

11 - New Born

12 - Sunburn

13 - Mk Ultra

14 - Butterflies and Hurricanes

15 - Showbiz


16 - Survival

17 - The Small Print

18 - Supremacy

19 - Kinghts of Cydonia


Is it too much to ask? :D

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I hope for Butterflies & Hurricanes, Fury or Assassin. If we get just one of them I will be quite happy. I think this could happen since they played B&H a couple of times after Montreux and added Assassin in Nimes because the fans requested it.

I will just start shouting one of those and hopefully others will join so they will hear it and play it if they haven't already planned on doing so. :D


Hopefully I'm not too optimistic :D

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